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ID number:485530
Published: 22.02.2007.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: n/a
References: Not used

Phrasal verbs represent a practically limitless group of verbs that can be combined with short adverbs or prepositions to produce new meanings. Here are some examples:
With short adverbs:
give up (= surrender; quit)
find out (= learn; get information about)
take off (= leave quickly; fly away)
draw out (= prolong)
With prepositions:
work on (= give effort and thought to developing)
wait on (= serve)
look after (= take care of)
come across
(= find by chance)
With a short adverb plus a preposition:
put up with (= tolerate)
crack down on
(= deal firmly with)
come up with
(= devise)
look up to (= respect)
Phrasal verbs are ubiquitous in all forms of written and spoken modern English, making the ability to understand and produce them a requisite for an adequate command of the English language. Research studies indicate that although phrasal verbs are fairly well established in hearing children at three and four years of age, many deaf children as old as 18 and 19 still have difficulties with them.
This module will first present a brief description of phrasal verbs and how they are used in English language discourse. Second, it will summarize a few research studies on deaf children's comprehension of phrasal verbs. Finally, it will suggest ways that teachers may deal with phrasal verbs in their classes.

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