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ID number:648540
Published: 13.05.2003.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: n/a
References: Not used

Meiosis- is the process where cells divide to produce 4 cells with half the genetic material
1) The genetic material thickens and duplicated
2) The genetic material lines up in the center of the cells in pairs
3) The spindles pull the pairs to the opposite ends of the cell
4) The cell divides into 2 cells half the amount of the genetic material
5) The genetic material lines up and the spindles attached
6) The spindle pulls the pieces to opposite ends of the cells
7) Each cell divides to produce 4 new cells with half the amount of genetic material
1) Fertilization- When the sex cells from meiosis combine to form a new cell
2) Zygote- The new cell formed from fertilization
3) Internal- development inside the mother (less offspring)
4) External- Takes development inside (more offspring produced because of protection)
5) Placenta- connects the mother to the embryo
- Carries, 02 from the mothers blood to the embryo and it carries waste away from the embryo to the mother's blood
1)Egg shell- The pores in the egg shell so the o2 and the co2 can be exchanged
2)Blood vessels- carry the food, oxygen, and wastes
3)Yolk- food and nutrients.

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