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ID number:578245
Published: 19.12.2006.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: n/a
References: Not used

I have chosen the poem ‘’The spring and the fall’’ by Edna ST Vincent Millay for analysis.

The genre of this poem is lyrics.

The voice is dramatized, because there are a lot of examples, where ‘I’ is mentioned, for instance, ‘I walked the road…’, ‘I see them yet’, ‘I hear them still’, ‘I dared to praise.’ There are also used personal pronoun ‘my’ , for instance “my dear”, ‘my days’, ‘my heart’.

The poem is emotional, romantic. In the first stanza is written about spring. Spring relates to something blossoming, flourishing and joyful. The author describes her relationships that are beautiful. Her beloved person did something that is difficult to do. And such action proves that their relations are true and clear, because only just in acute relations people can do everything for each other. It is shown in the first stanza
‘He broke me a bough of the blossoming peach
That was out of the way and hard to reach.’
In the second stanza are shown emotional decrease. It describes that relations are not so good anymore or they are broken at all. We can clearly see it in the fifth and the sixth line of the second stanza:
‘He laughed at all I dared to praise,
And broke my heart in little ways.’

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