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ID number:479752
Published: 07.01.2009.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: n/a
References: Not used

We live in the world where for every person are many important things in their live. It may be family, love or friends maybe job, career or something else. But there is one thing which is important for everyone and it is money. Why money is so important? I think that most important reason is that people need money in order to live – they use money to pay for food, clothes, housing and other things they need for survival. That’s why I can’t agree with persons, who thing that money is not important. Of course, for money we can’t buy health, friends or real love, but without it we can’t live normally, we need to eat something, have place to live and clothes to wear. That’s why our live without money isn’t possible. But there are two kinds of people, for one part money is important only for survival, to buy all necessary things. This people mostly are honest and they work hard to get their money. But there is also part of people who thing, that if they will have a lot of money they will be happier than others and they tray in legal or illegal way get it, they get money by breaking the law. Than we are listening to the news, we can see that in the world are a lot of dishonest people, who make large sums of money in dishonest way, for example they are selling worthless goods, such us fake jewelry or art things. Of course, every person wants to have more money, than you can buy all you want, but we must remember, that money isn’t everything and first of all we must think about what is most important for us – to be honest, to have good reputation, but work honestly to have your money, or get it in dishonest way – buy breaking the law and lying people. …

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