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  • The Development of Speaking Skills through the Input of Language Games in Secondary School


    Term Papers90 Pedagogy

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ID number:277174
Published: 21.12.2021.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 54 units
References: Used
Time period viewed: 2000 - 2010 years
2011 - 2015 years
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
  Abstract    2
  Anotācija    3
  Introduction    5
1.  Speaking as One of Language Proficiency Components    8
1.1.  Speaking Subskills    10
1.2.  Speaking in Second Language Learning    13
1.2.1.  Fluency and Accuracy    15
1.2.2.  Speaking Proficiency in Secondary School    17
1.2.3.  Difficulties with Teaching Speaking    20
1.2.4.  Suggestions to Improve Speaking    22
2.  Language Games - an Effective Teaching Tool    27
2.1.  Types of Language Games    28
2.2.  Advantages of Games in Language Learning    30
2.3.  Proper Application of Games in Classroom    34
3.  Classroom Research Experiment    38
3.1.  Initial Observations and Description of Students’ Group    39
3.2.  The Set-Up of Experimental Lessons    43
3.3.  The Set-Up of the Oral Presentations    51
3.4.  Data Analysis and Results    53
  Conclusions    57
  The List of References    59
  Kopsavilkums    63
  Appendices    64

The analysis of both the theoretical background and the empiric research proves that the input of games in language learning is beneficial. During almost two months of observations and two months of intensive involvement of language games into teaching English for secondary school students the author of the study paper concludes that the use of language games in the classroom is motivating, and, what is equally important, it makes learning fun and enjoyable. In connection with speaking, games promote the development of other language items, for instance, grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation. Most importantly, the use of language games greatly contributes to forming and improving students’ communication, collaboration, and interaction skills.
First, it is often easier to train and develop some particular language items both grammatical and theoretic ones through games; it consequently can help to gain better academic results. For competitiveness occasionally is almost an integral component of a game, it also works as an impulse, which motivates students to reach the goal of acquiring language and its skills. Besides, since language games occasionally involve the use of some cross-curricular teaching, they allow students to get creative, to express and share their knowledge and talents.
Another reason why games are beneficial is that they help to create positive for learning/teaching environment and appropriate classroom learning conditions and atmosphere, which is a very important condition for encouraging students to speak. It is also crucial to maintain positive and motivational setting for students to stay willing to participate in expressing their experiences, views and knowledge. If learning is enjoyable and amusing, students’ involvement in the learning process generally increases. Consequently, application of games into the language learning is one of the many advantageous ways to motivate students to participate in language lessons actively, for they can influence and contribute general classroom environment and classroom management. Besides, often the application of games in language learning allows students to “take a break” from regular and ordinary teaching practices and allows them to concentrate less on the learning process itself while still acquiring new knowledge and skills.…

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