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ID number:605064
Published: 31.03.2014.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 21 units
References: Used
Time period viewed: 2004.g. - 2012.g.
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
  Introduction    3
I.  Theoretical Part    6
1.  General Aspects of Translation Theory    6
2.  Translation and Norms    12
3.  Genres in Translation Studies    15
4.  Equivalence as an Aspect of Translation Theory    21
5.  Functional Approach to Translation    27
6.  Translation and Culture    31
II.  Practical Part    38
1.  Translation of the text “The Alchemy of Finance” by George Soros    38
2.  Glossary of Terms    103
  Conclusion    106
  Bibliography    107

The current Diploma paper presents the reader a view on translation in general, translation theory and the approaches of several significant sicentisits to it. Each theorist established his own approach and this paper has explored potentials of these approaches for the benefit of the future professional translators. The paper examines the way translator should achieve the appropriate translation between the source and target texts using the theoretical basis.
The author put the main stress to a translation of technical texts as the translation of these kind of text requires special knowledge and a certain experience. Informative types of text may not demand much cerativity form the translator, yet it demands professionalism and the ability to serve information to the target reader clearly and correctly.Much attention was paid on special words that are very often met in such texts, such as economical terms. These words were analyzed in order to prove that the chosen variant of translation is the most appropriate in the certain context.
While projecting the Diploma paper the author reached the aims that were set before writing the paper. The equivalent translation was performed and analyzed taking into account the most well-known theories of equivalence.
Translation of terminology is a topical issue nowadays, when the development of many technical fields including economics is emerging very fast. The use of the right terminology in the target text is essential. In cases of difficulties the right kinds of dictionaries and reference literature became very critical. The author has gained other essential source of information from specialists in the field of economics. Their input is more valuable than that of the dictionary since they are professionals who represent the potential readers of the translation.
The process of development of the Diploma paper helped the author to improve the knowledge of crucial aspects of the theory of translation. Thanks to the Diploma paper the author gained enormous experience in translation making him one step closer to a professional. The author has also learned how to translate economical terminology and acquired some knowledge of economics.

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