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ID number:576382
Published: 22.01.2019.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 30 units
References: Not used
Time period viewed: 2000 - 2010 years
2011 - 2015 years
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
  Executive summary    1
  The market    1
  Description of the market    1
  Description of the Dutch tourism market    1
  The state of the market    2
  Distribution channels and methods of communication    2
  Regulations and legislations    3
  The tour operator    3
  Description of Thomas Cook Nederland    3
  Competitors of Thomas Cook Nederland    3
  Market Segmentation    4
  External analysis    5
  External analysis of the Netherlands (PESTEL)    5
  Political    5
  Economic    5
  Social    5
  Technological    5
  Environmental    6
  Legal    6
  External analysis of the Ukraine (PESTEL)    6
  Political    6
  Economic    6
  Social    7
  Technological    7
  Environmental    7
  Legal    7
  SWOT analysis of the Dutch Market    8
  Strengths    8
  Weaknesses    8
  Opportunities    9
  Threats    9
  SWOT of Thomas Cook Nederland    10
  Strengths    10
  Weaknesses    11
  Opportunities    11
  Threats    12
  SWOT of the Crimea    12
  Strengths    12
  Strengths    13
  Weaknesses    13
  Opportunities    13
  Threats    14
  Marketing objectives    15
  First objective    15
  Second objective    15
  Third objective    15
  Marketing Strategies and Planning    15
  Marketing Strategy and Implementation Plan    16
  First objective    16
  Second objective    18
  Third objective    21
  Marketing communication plan    23
  Financial plan    23
  Profit and Loss Statement    24
  Conclusion    24
  Reference List    25
  Appendix    29
  Reflection reports    31

According to CBS (2013) 74% of the 25 to 35 old Dutch and 58% of the 35 to 45 old Dutch people used social networks in 2012, which means that communicating with customers through social media would represent a cost efficient method for our company. Next to social networks which represent our main communication tool we will use TV commercials, Radio commercials, out-of-home advertising, articles in magazines and newspaper and direct mails to communicate with our target group.
With the product attributes adventure, nature, new experiences and different activities we want to create a new package to a new destination with the best value for money to persuade people of our target group to book it.
To sum up we described our marketing strategies, an implementation and a communication plan in order to achieve our three different objectives and to be successful with our new holiday package.

Financial plan
Within the first year, starting from April 2015, we are aiming to sell 3500 packages of our adventure tour to Crimea. The calculated costs for one week for two persons are €1,891.60. The detailed cost calculation is shown in appendix 1. To make profit we will mark up the costs per package with a profit margin of 15%. Thus the sales price accounts for €2,175.35. The costs that we need to promote and advertise our new package are estimated to account for €679,000. In addition our operating expenses account for €6,400. The detailed calculation is presented in appendix 2 and 3. We are satisfied that we achieve our three objectives and make profit because we make use of a lot of promotion and advertising tools. Furthermore our company is already well-known among the Dutch population which means that we have a high brand awareness. With the profit margin of 15% we are able to pay our operating and marketing expenses and make profit on the same time. Finally the profit and loss statement gives an overview of the estimated costs and revenues for the next three years.

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