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  • Discuss the Principle or Principles that Underpin, or Should Underpin, UK Discrimination Law


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ID number:388471
Published: 19.04.2002.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: n/a
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If the law is to be truly equal and uphold equality of freedom, which it should, it will have to include homosexuals and people with a religious faith in its protection; just as it should improve its protection for the disabled.
In the UK, discrimination law is underpinned by a general concept of equality and justice. More specifically it is the principle of "equality of freedom" which is the main basis for the law. Along with this we also have a slight degree of "equality of opportunity" but which includes very little positive discrimination; a little more affirmative action should play a part in anti-discrimination law, without going to the total extreme of complete "reverse" discrimination. Along with these concepts of freedom and equality are the related ideas of redress and the attempt to eradicate discriminatory attitudes, which help to underpin the law. Which principles should underpin the law, and which actually do, are very close together in UK discrimination law, however there is always room for improvement, and a broadening of these principles to include homosexuals and people with religious faith; and to include a little more positive discrimination, would give discrimination law an even stronger theoretical underpinning.

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