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  • The "Science" of Politics, Aim, Scope of Comparitive Politics


    Essays2 Politics

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ID number:365297
Published: 07.01.2003.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: n/a
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Every people know something about politics, some of them know a great deal abiut it. People try to take place in politics, sometimes they aware of it, sometimes not. Evwryone do it differently. But political scientists study and analyze it.
There are two main things to define politics: 1) politics as the making of common decisions (for example family`s decision to buy a car is a plitical decision, it is not political decision of the country, but of the family.); 2) politics as the exercise of power (decisions made by some members of the group exercising power over other members). This power may take various forms- major of them- manifest power (action by one person that leads other to do what he wants) and implict power (one person (A) does what other (B) desires, not because of anything said by this person (B), but because A senses that B wants something done or A wishes to do what B wants done. As example we can look families). There another one ‘’third face of power’’ (one person consciously wants to do what other desires (for example political elite)).
As we see, politics is based on struggle for power by individuals, groups, organizations, states etc. In other words we can say, that political science is the study of these struggles and competitions for governmental or worldwide power.

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