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ID number:726183
Published: 24.03.2004.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: n/a
References: Not used

Romeo and Juliet is one of the famous love stories in English literature. Who

have never heard about Romeo and Juliet ? I think everyone has hared these two words.

And in nowadays when we hear them we think about love. Romeo and Juliet is very

famous even in nowadays. The use of coincidence, language tricks and secondary

characters has made Romeo and Juliet so popular for 400 years. The story is about

two young people who met in a party and as son as they saw each other they felt in love.

That was love from the first sight. They were from families who were enemies but they

didn’t care about that. The next day they got married but the married life wasn’t long.

After two days they died. This story is a tragic love story and maybe that’s

the reason why it is so famous all around the world and why everybody likes it.

I will try to find out was the love between Romeo and Juliet real or it was just a

teenager crush. I think that is was just a crash and I will try to prove it. The first example

is when Romeo claimed that he loves Rosaline. Romeo attended party to see Rosaline

because he loved her very much and that we can figure out of the conversation between

We can see from what Romeo says that he has strong feelings to Rosaline. But when he

went to the party he met Juliet. That was love from first sight. So that shows as to how

irresponsible Romeo is. How can you know if you really love the person what you see

even hadn’t spoke to her first. In real life that doesn’t happen really often. When first

he saw Juliet he says to himself, ‘’ Did my heart love till now ? ’’ After saying that

he quickly decides that he is in love with Juliet.

After that the name Rosaline we couldn’t here from Romeo anymore. This to me looks

likes a teenager’s action because Romeo switched

from loving Rosaline loving someone whom he had just met. His actions were fickle in a

short period of time. Next day he’s already saying that he forgot the name of Rosaline.

He’s saying that to Friar Laurence.…

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