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ID number:734272
Published: 01.04.2009.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 24 units
References: Not used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
  Introduction    3
1.  General information about proverbs    5
1.1.  Definitions of a Proverb    5
1.2.  History of Proverbs    7
1.3.  Interpretation of Proverbs    10
1.4.  History of Proverbs in England    12
2.1.  Proverbs which Contain the Word – Work    18
2.2.  Proverbs which Do not Contain the Word – Work    22
  Conclusion    26
  Bibliography    27

The theme of the present term paper is “British Proverbs Connected with Work”. The reason for writing the present term paper is to get more information about proverbs and analyse them so that we could use them adequately. Each proverb has a special form and meaning without knowing it we can use them in the wrong way.
For people, whose native language is not English, it may be difficult to use proverbs because they differ in form and image in various languages. To avoid the problem of misunderstanding it is useful to know their equivalents in one’s native language.
The English language as well as other languages is rich in proverbs. It is difficult to find the equivalents for all of the proverbs, therefore, the author of the present term paper has chosen one of the spheres which is reflected in proverbs – work. Therefore, the aim of the paper is:
to find British proverbs connected with work and to analyse the collected proverbs
The objectives:
to select the British proverbs about work
to find the counterparts in the Latvian language
to analyse the use of proverbs
to study and analyse scientific literature on the proverbs
The research question:
How do proverbs differ in English and Latvian?
The hypothesis:
If we translate a proverb from a foreign language into one’s mother tongue then we still cannot guess its meaning.

The methods of research:
study and critical analysis of scientific literature
classifying proverbs about work
comparison of chosen proverbs with the proverbs in the Latvian language
The methods of data collection:
The present research is based on 24 bibliographic sources, the essential ones being:
Collins, V.H. A Book of English Idioms with Explanations (1960) Longman;
Kreidler, Ch. W. Introducing English Semantics (1998) Routlege
The outline of the chapters: the paper contains two chapters. The first chapter contains general information about proverbs: definitions, history of proverbs and the structure of proverbs. The second chapter focuses on the proverbs connected with work, translation and searching for their counterparts into Latvian.…

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