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ID number:405748
Published: 05.11.2009.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 7 units
References: Not used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
  Executive summary    3
  Introduction    4
  Interpretation    4
  Problem Statement    5
  Delimitation    6
  Methodology    6
1.  Marketing    7
1.1.  Growth Strategies    7
1.2.  Segmentation    8
1.3.  Internationalization    9
2.  Business Law    11
3.  Economics    15
3.1.  Descriptive Economics    15
3.1.1.  Germany    15
3.1.2.  Russia    17
3.2.  Investment and finance    19
3.2.1.  Investment    19
3.2.2.  Sensitivity analysis    20
3.2.3.  Debt financing options    20
4.  Organization and Culture    21
4.1.  Factors influencing organizational culture    21
4.1.1.  Brief company overview    21
4.1.2.  Organizational Theory insights    22
4.1.3.  Conclusion    24
4.2.  National culture differences    24
4.2.1.  Hofstede’s criteria    25
4.2.2.  Culture differences    26
4.3.  Recommendations for future activities    26
5.  Conclution    27
  Appendix    28
  Tables of Marketing    28
  Porter’s Diamond Theory    30
  Tables for Investment    32
  Sources    34

Damixa: We have put our primary focus on the abroad markets which is Germany and Russia. We analyzed the abroad markets because they share similar and different culture, networks and values.
Structure: It refers to the way an organization arranges people and jobs so that its work can be performed and its goals can be met by knowing the cultural aspects. We can also say that it is the way in which the interrelated groups are constructed.
We analyze the national and organizational culture; because we want to find out the cultural differences, strengths and weaknesses impact on Damixa’s performance.
Culture: Culture is the basic values, ideologies and assumptions which guide and fashion individual and business behaviors. The analysis’ main focus is on finding out if the culture of Damixa supports the communication in connection to company’s strategy of growth.
Financial Management: How the company manages its finance. Here we are focusing on the annual reports of Damixa. We are analyzing the reports to find the development of the company’s profitability.
Descriptive Economics: Appropriate country’s development, what describes the economical status. We evaluated Germany and Russia, and their profitabilities to Damixa as new manufacturers.
Group process: The way we organize ourselves in order to carry out the project.
We focused on the following:
Avoiding unnecessary delays
Co-operation among group members
Keeping an account on each of the group member’s work
Knowing how far we are going with our project
Problem Statement
Damixa A/S has requested a report including updated information on external factors which might influence the company’s market potential and future activities. Analyses are requested within Marketing, Business Law, Economics and Organization and Culture.
Concerning Marketing we are expected to focus on and identify the internationalization strategies Damixa has used until now. In addition we are also requested to make a proposal for future growth strategies including a proposal for relevant segments/target groups.
Concerning Business Law we must describe one or more potential legal problems, which Damixa can face in the future. In addition we must give one or more suggestions for solving the described legal problems. Our solutions must be explained by using relevant legislation from the second semester.
Concerning Descriptive Economics we are expected to explain the economic situation for Germany and Russia, based on the development in GDP=C+I+G+(X-M). On the same markets, we may describe other factors that might influence the opportunities for Damixa, especially the age distribution.…

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