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ID number:430446
Published: 28.03.2007.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: n/a
References: Not used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
  Introduction    8
  Rules    8
  Facts    10
  Actions    10
  Defrule Command    12
  Deconst Command    12
  Load Command    12
  Load Random Command    13
  Conditional Loading    14
  Technical Considerations    16
  System defined symbols    16
  Examples    19
  Conditional Loading and User Defined Constants    19
  System Defined Constants    20
  Facts    20
  Fact List    20
  Constant Facts    24
  Event Detection Facts    24
  Game Facts    24
  Commodity Trade Facts    24
  Tribute Detection Facts    24
  Escrow Facts    24
  Computer Player Object Count Facts    25
  Computer Player Resource Facts    25
  Regicide Facts    25
  Computer Player Availability Facts    25
  Computer Player Miscellaneous Facts    26
  Opponent Facts    26
  Cheating Facts    26
  Fact Details    27
  Actions    41
  Action List    41
  Input / Output Actions    43
  Rule Control Actions    43
  Event Actions    43
  Commodity Trade Actions    43
  Tribute Actions    43
  Escrow Actions    43
  Regicide Actions    44
  Cheating Actions    44
  Other Actions    44
  Action Details    44
  Parameters    52
  Parameter List    52
  Parameter Details    53
  Wildcard Parameters    65
  Difficulty Parameters    69
  AI Player Guidelines for Age of Kings    70
  AoK Level of Difficulty - Current Operation    72
  Variables    72
  Rule Variable    72
  Timers    73
  Timer Facts    74
  Timer Actions    74
  Examples    74
  Error Messages    75
  Error reporting format    75
  Description of error codes    76
  List of errors    76
  Hint for efficient debugging of scripts    77
  Data Types    78
  String    78
  Symbol    78
  Appendix A - Internal SN parameter documentation    79
  Appendix B - Discontinued SN parameters    90
  Facts, Actions, and Parameters (combined list)    95
  Unfiled Examples    99
  Controlling Villager Distribution    99
  How to trade    100
  How to resign gracefully    101

Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion uses an all-new Artificial Intelligence (AI) Expert System to act as the intelligence behind the computer players. This expert system uses a series of Rules that are tested to cause various actions to take place. In the following sections, you will learn how to make new rules for the AI to follow, how to check game facts to trigger those rules, and how to command the AI to take action based on your instructions.

AI Files are text files that have their extension changed to '.per' (for example, 'Henry Tudor.per'). These files contain the script commands that are used to create a new customized computer player. Use a text editor (one that displays line numbers is very helpful) to create your AI scripts, and copy them into the directory where you installed Age of Empires II, in the AI folder.
An empty text file with an .AI extension (for example, '') should be created to make an entry appear in the list of computer players and in the scenario editor. The game will try to find a file with a matching .per extension that will be started when you pick that player. In your game's AI directory, you would then have 2 files:

C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesAge of Empires (This is an empty file that makes an entry in the game's list)

C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesAge of Empires IIAIMyAI.per (This file contains your custom AI script of rules and facts)

You must have both a .PER and an .AI file with the same name for your script to function!
Conditional loading allows you to load only rules that fit particular game settings. The system is somewhat similar to the C/C++ preprocessor. The main differences are:
a)The conditional loading mechanism works in the same pass as the parser that loads rules; therefore it is not a preprocessor.
b)The conditional loading mechanism makes a decision on whether a rule is loaded or not. It does not make a decision on whether a rule is parsed.

The latter is a design decision aimed to make syntax checking as painless as possible: single loading of a script in any game setting will check all rules for syntax errors.

The system automatically provides a set of symbols that reflect the game settings. These symbols can be checked to make decisions on which rules should be loaded.

Conditional loading provides three major benefits:
a)The ability to integrate rules for a wide variety of settings into a single AI personality.
b)Rules that are loaded are faster. For example if rules that work only with water maps are loaded, it is not necessary for those rules to keep checking the map type.
c)Rules that do not apply to given settings are not loaded, thus saving memory space.…

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