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ID number:662685
Published: 17.03.2011.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: n/a
References: Used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
1.  What I have learned about my Latvian culture    4
2.  What I have learned about Irish culture    6
3.  What I will say differently as a result of what I have learned?    8
4.  What will I do differently as a result of what I have learned?    10
  Conclusion    12

Céad mile fáilte in Irish means One hundred thousand welcomes.1 English and Irish (also called Irish Gaelic, Erse, or Gaeilge) are official languages.2 Be aware with some simply phrases in Irish, it can help a lot. Many Irish will talk to any foreigner they meet. A stranger’s name, marital status, occupation, and reason for visiting are quickly enquired. You will find yourself spending time chatting about yourself, after that this information will passed around from person to person. It would be considered impolite not to talk to anyone. The weather is a constant topic and humor plays a big role in communication. In general, Irish culture values teasing and joking during conversation.3 Irish literature, music, history or sports (especially Gaelic games) are good topics of discussion, when meeting someone for the first time. Avoid bringing up topics like abortion, religion, and politics with older Irish citizens. If these topics do arise, suspend your judgment unless you fundamentally agree with your Irish hosts. Money seemed to be an almost embarrassing topic.
A firm and confident handshake is the most common form of greeting. Shake hands with everyone at the meeting. Both men and women shake hands. Do it at the beginning and end of meetings and whether what place you leave say “goodbye”. Business cards are exchanged after the initial introductions but do not be offended if you are not offered one in return. 4
Historically, the Irish did business with people they knew and liked, and they still want to do business on a personal level, so it can be difficult to enter a network without an appropriate contact or introduction.…

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