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ID number:915513
Published: 20.07.2004.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 18 units
References: Not used

The words of the historian Venerable Brede about Rome, Colosseum and falling of the world are tight connected with the period when Roman Empire expanded in all the Europe, its borders stretched from Black Sea to Northern countries, it was very powerful and, as it said by Edward Gibbon, “comprehended the fairest part of the earth, and the most civilized portions of mankind”. (Goldwin, 6 – 11 pg.) Furthermore, in these words are reflected deeper philosophy and truth than it could seem at the first moment. Actually, the Romans power was hidden into the monuments and architectural buildings of art, of war, of civil importance, or of defense they built wherever they went. It is known that there was no more important thing for Romans as the praising of their origin and of their Empire. All the conquests and buildings what they did were realised in the name of patria. (lectures of Italian culture)
The first actions of the Romans to conquest England were started in 55 B.C. and in A.D. 43 South East England became Roman province. (lecture course “British studies”) By 79 A.D. the whole territory of today’s England and Wales was under Romans control. ( During the Roman period in England which lasted for 330 years (Black, 8 pg.) the Romans built more than 3 000 roads (lecture course “British studies”) which stretched from North to South, so they were situated like into the direction of Rome. From that it is appeared the famous expression: “Tutte le strade vanno a Roma.” (Italian) (“All the ways lead to Rome.”). These roads were very fundamental, and one can still find many of them in the fields of English countryside covered by grass.…

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