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ID number:725924
Published: 21.02.2017.
Language: English
Level: Elementary school
Literature: 4 units
References: Not used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
  Introduction    4
1.  History of energy drinks    5
2.1.  What are energy drinks?    7
2.2.  Energy drink manufacturers    8
2.3.  Healthy or not?    10
  Practical research part    11
  Conclusion    15
  Used sources and literature    16
  Appendices    17

While writing the theoretical part of my work, I have studied and analyzed the information about energy drinks and its effects on our health.
While writing the practical part of the research I have found out that many types of energy drinks are not healthy products at all. They make our heart work faster and we need more energy resourses. A lot of manufacturers make their energy drinks healthier every day. I found out that energy drinks have vitamis B6 and B12 that I didn’t know at all. Five strong coffee cups are in one energy drink can.
After finishing the research work I can conclude that:
1. I have found out what energy drink is, its history, its ingredients and its health benefits.
2. I have found out how many students know about this topic with the help of survey.
3. I have made a research about 4 types of energy drinks.
4. I have made a conclusion about the research work and its topic.
I consider that I have fulfilled the objectives and the aim of the research work. I have made a research about energy drinks and they health benefits. I have surveyed my scool students to find out what they know about energy drinks, their manufacturers, ingredients and they favourite types of energy drinks. I have made questionnaries about the theme and I have also analyzed the results of the given questionnaires. As my task was to analyze 4 types of energy drinks, I have made a table where I have described my research progress.
I have partly covered it during my English lessons. Neverthless, I have got new experience and I have found out very interesting and useful facts about the theme. This way I improved my knowledge about energy drinks and their danger. I found it is very useful to write my research work because I also improved my knowledge of English that will be useful in the future.
Finally, I can conclude that this research work can be useful for English or any other lesson to use the information about energy drinks.

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