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ID number:996694
Published: 08.05.2007.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 5 units
References: Used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
  Introduction    3
  Country description    4
a.  Latvia    4
b.  France    6
  Description of potential problems    7
c.  Problem: Stereotypes    7
d.  Problem: Communication    8
e.  Problem: Space    9
f.  Problem: Individualism    10
g.  Problem: Uncertainty avoidance    11
  Interview with French student    12
  Conclusions    13
  Bibliography    14

When you go in a new country, you discover a new landscape, towns, houses; a lot of things are different in new country, new people and new culture.
In this assignment I have chosen to compare 2 countries – Latvia, which is my homeland and France. When I came here to study, I didn’t even know that I will meet so lot of French students. I had before also stereotypes about French that they are very charming, artist and in relationships they aren’t very serious.
I have great opportunity to live together in one house with French student and understand more about this culture. This culture is quite different if I compare with my culture.
My aim to compare cultural differences between Latvia and French how easy or difficult could be make business between these countries, with which difficulties could collide during making conversations, meetings etc.
My goal of research is to know is it possible and how difficult is cooperate and deal between Latvian and French cultures.
Demands for self-determination were at first confined to autonomy ("a free Latvia in a free Russia"), but full independence was proclaimed in Riga on November 18, 1918 by the People's Council of Latvia, Kārlis Ulmanis becoming the head of the provisional government.
Latvia, officially the Republic of Latvia is a country in Northern Europe. Government-Parliamentary democracy.Latvia has medium large power distance index, there is hierarchy in the work, in the society, and the middle class is smaller as desired. The distance between the professor and student could be seeing in the use of formal language between them. And very important is age as well younger people will always take a respect about older people, and language will be more formal. Quite big role play relatives, people with very important relatives will get more respect than other ones. Under that is money because high status relatives could have a lot of money and people respect money very much.…

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