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  • Laws Are Best Explained, Interpreted, and Applied by Those Whose Interest Lies in Perverting


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ID number:208777
Published: 03.03.2003.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: 2 units
References: Used

What a strange thing human nature is! Just look around! How many moaning and groaning people there are! How many wretched and shattered lives there are, but it is not our business, each of us has got his own miseries, isn’t it so? During many centuries people tend to be the same. It does not matter how unhappy people are, how many problems and inconveniences their governors have caused to them, all of us, no matter what nationality we belong to, have lots of patriotism, and this one seems to be endless, never-ceasing. It stems from our innate love to the country we live in, and it happens very rarely, indeed, when someone starts doubting, seeing the truth clearly, not only in governors’ abilities and usefulness, but also in his former views upon this subjest…
Gulliver… The model of us – contemporary society. Believing to someone, hoping for something, striving for something. The irony appears much later, usually when all the hopes turn out to be in vain, then we start seeing what earlier seemed to be hidden. It happens not only when we lose someone who we love, more often it is to be dealt with our disappoinment with the surrounding conditions. We are all Gullivers in the country of giants – “so impotent and grovelling insects”1 – in the eyes of those who are deciding our fortunes. And in a way, sometimes we are getting too blind in our affectionate love, but we still love, for we “have always borne that laudable partiality to our country”2. Country and politics are two different things, by the way; moreover, country and politicians are even more distant things, though, they shouldn’t be. That is what politicians clearly see inseparable, more precisely, what they would like to see. Why there is “a heap of conspiracies, rebellions, murders, massacres, revolutions, banishments”3 and the like unpleasant things? “Because there are many rogues”, any politician would lie to you.…

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