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ID number:607962
Published: 16.02.2009.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 12 units
References: Not used

Mozambique Climate
The climate varies in the different regions of the country, but generally the inland areas are slightly cooler, although more humid than along the coast in the rainy season. Winter is the dry season lasting from April to September, and is the best time to visit the country. The southern parts of the country are generally drier and less tropical than the north, with temperatures along the coast averaging 80ºF (27ºC). The rainy season coincides with the heat and humidity from October to March, with average coastal temperatures of 88ºF (31ºC). Climate: tropical to subtropical.
Although there are regional differences in climate throughout Mozambique, the highest temperatures are during the rainy season - November to April.
From April to November form Mozambique's Dry Season when temperatures are more comfortable.
Daytime coastal temperatures average between 24° and 27°C in the dry season and up to 31°C in the rainy season.
Inland temperatures in Mozambique are generally higher than those indicated above. The highest temperatures and humidity year round can generally be found in the north of Mozambique near Pemba and inland in the Zambezi Valley

Average annual rainfall along the coast of Mozambique is 800 to 900mm. In some areas of Mozambique averages are nearer 2000mm - these areas include the Chinaminami mountain area bordering with Zimbabwe.
Weather in all months of year:
January: Hot. 28-35°C. Rainy season
February: Hot. 28-38°C. Rainy season, mostly storms in afternoon.
March: Cooling down. 25-30°C. Little rain.
April: Weather settled. 25-30°C. Little rain.
May: Lovely month, weather settled. 20-28°C. No rain.
June: Fine weather. 18-27°C. No rain.
July/August: Winter months, but warm. 15-25°C. No rain.
September: Warming up again. Nice month. 18-28°C. Rain unlikely.
October: Getting hot again. 23-30°C. Rains unlikely.
November: Hot. 22-33°C. Rains could start.
December: Hot. 23-36°C. Could rain.
Mozambique Landscape
Mozambique lies beside the Indian Ocean in southern Africa. On its borders lie South Africa and Zimbabwe in the south, and Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania in the north. About half of the country is made up of flat coastal plain. Heading inland, the land rises and high plateaux and mountains run along the western and northern borders.

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