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ID number:492519
Published: 29.10.2004.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: 6 units
References: Used

1. The first discussion will be the marriage ritual.

A. Pre- weddings

The Thai wedding ceremony is unique. Weddings are very important event in Thai’s life, and in order to ensure a propitious date and time it is usual to consult Brahmin astrologer. He will give a very precise time, down to the nearest minute, for the wedding. Wedding ceremonies takes place at odd times as 11.28 a.m. or 4.53 p.m.
On the wedding day morning they will have a Monk Blessing as is the Buddhism custom at the house of the bride or the bridegroom (which will be the place for the event). Many couples go to register at the country office the day before or after the wedding. (
In the afternoon, the traditional wedding customs will be followed. It is called ROD-NAM-SANG, and is the main event where both the bride and the bridegroom's family get together. They witness this important event. Both the bridge and the bridegroom will sit close together on the floor (or small stage) with their hands held in WAI style (like the way we pay respect to the Lord Buddha). A flower chain connects the hands. The most senior person will act as the leader of the event. He or she will start to soak the couple's hands in water and wish them good luck. The water is contained in a conch shell container (ROD is soak, NAM is water, and SANG is conch shell). Then, the parents and others will do the same. Usually, only selected people like close friends and close relatives will be invited to the ROD-NAM-SANG event. The wedding could be arranged in different ways i.e. Cocktail style, Buffet Thai food, Chinese food, or sit down dinner (
On the morning of the wedding it is customary for the couple to go to the temple to give food to the monks and to visit the bride’s and brides groom’s parents. Sometimes monks come to bless the house in which the couple will reside by sprinkling lustral water around. Another tradition is for elderly couple whose married life has been exemplary to make the bridal bed and then lie dawn on it. (Culture Smart! Thailand, p.83 (4)

B. Wedding service

On the same night, there will be a wedding party. The number of invited guests is around 100 - 300. (
The wedding ceremony takes place at the chosen location, which could be the parental home or hotel. (Culture Smart! Thailand, p.83 (4)

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