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ID number:381895
Published: 25.11.2021.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: 9 units
References: Not used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
  Contents    2
  Introduction    3
  Serial killer    4
  Problems in childhood    5
  Need for control    6
  Fantasy world    8
  The story of serial killer Ted Bundy    9
  Latvian serial killer Stanislav Rogolev    123
  Conclusion    14
  References    16

Human action is guided by thoughts. Thoughts are created by human personality and needs. Personality is made up of character. Character depends on temperament and how the child is
rised. From this logical chain of facts one might conclude that, regardless of the situation, every healthy person can behave differently even in identical life situations. Although psychology is a new science, it has not only served the interests of science as such, but has also served a variety
of professions, including police officers. Because there is a person in every crime, every person has his or her own motivation and subjective side to the crime. This awareness helps in dealing with such people and prevention situations. The idea of killing a man is, of course, cases where
crimes such as murder have been committed by accident or in defense. This subjective side of the person does not relieve the subject of his responsibility, but of catching a killer such as a
serial killer.
Serial killer psychology is extraordinary because each of these people has expressed his or her own subjective side, or the reason he or she has done so, differently, but they are all united by
the same guidelines that make up ordinary human needs. In most cases, serial killers themselves are emotionally, physically or sexually abused in childhood. The circumstances in which a child
grows up - whether the child is provided with basic needs, by which social group, the child grows up, etc. - are of great importance. In this way, one also learns to meet his or her needs and ability to respond to situations. In this context, the question also arises - Is a person born or
become? And the answer is exactly the same as the question, in most cases these people are mentally sick, but even healthy children can become serial killers under certain circumstances.…

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