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ID number:803071
Published: 12.07.2004.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: 3 units
References: Not used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
  Content    2
  Introduction    3
  Tobacco history    4
  Types of tobacco use    5
  Male and Female smoking    6
  Youth and cigarettes    7
  Health risks    7
  Secondhand smoking    8
  Conclusion    9
  Literature    10


I have decided to write my report about, as I think, big social problem, which can cause a lot of health risks. I will write about smoking, its history, types of tobacco use and dangerous risks, which are connected with passive and quit smoking.
I choose this theme, because I am sure, that smoking is a big global problem, which was found first before our centuries. At the beginning, smoking was a kinf of ritual and relaxation, but now it is a kind of addiction. A lot of people all over the world are smoking and they can not give up smoking.
Some people think that smoking is a kind of entertainment, relaxation, communication instrument. A lot of teenagers think that smoking is “cool” and it helps to prove that teen is not a baby anymore. Teenagers always want to be like adults, so they began to smoke like other people do.
One popular Russian researcher Ozhegov had written, that SMOKING is an inhalation of a smoke of some decaying vegetative products (tobacco, nicotina tobacum etc.); one of the forms of glue sniffing. Smoking of tobacco - one of the most widespread harmful habits (in Europe with 16th century.).*
So, I will write about this cruel addiction, which kills people every day!

Tobacco history.

“In ancient times, when the land was barren and the people were starving, the Great Spirit sent forth a woman to save humanity. As she travelled over the world everywhere her right hand touched the soil, there grew potatoes. And everywhere her left hand touched the soil, there grew corn. And in the place where she had sat, there grew tobacco.”
Huron Indian myth.

Within 150 years of Columbus’s finding "strange leaves" in the New World, tobacco was being used around the globe. Its rapid spread and widespread acceptance characterise the addiction to the plant Nicotina tobacum. Only the mode of delivery has change the 18th century, snuff held sway; the 19th centurv was the age of the cigar; the 20th century saw the rise of the manufactured cigarette, and with it a greatly increased number of smokers. At the beginning of the 21st centurv about one third of adults in the world, including increasing numbers of women, used tobacco.

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