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ID number:639372
Published: 26.04.2023.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 4 units
References: Not used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
Introduction    3
1.1  Aim    3
1.2  Tasks    3
1.3  Cultural importance’s    3
First impressions    4
1.1  Greetings    4
1.2  Business cards    4
Meeting settings    5
2.1  Bars    5
2.2  Dinning    5
Preparation for negotiations    7
3.1  Contract importance    7
3.2  Gifts    7
Nagotiations    8
4.1  Reaching a response    8
4.2  Communicating    8
Conclussion    9
Bibliography    10

1.1 Aim
The aim of this report is to note negotiation and business etiquette in South Korea
1.2 Tasks
• Be aware of introduction etiquette;
• Grasp the expectations of a meeting atmosphere;
• Understand contract importance and gifting etiquette;
• Become acquainted with negotiation process;
• Draw a conclusion;
1.3 Cultural importance’s
Gibun (기분), also known as kibun, refers to the prevailing emotional state or ambiance of an individual, collective or location. It is the fundamental determinant of interpersonal relationships and their management for the purpose of maintaining harmony with others. Therefore, one will never receive a direct decline during negotiations and why is it important to know and oblige by all the spoken or unspoken etiquette rules before, during and after the negotiation process.
In South Korean society, age and social status hold significant value, impacting all facets of social interactions. Adhering to hierarchical norms is deemed critical, given that everyone is assigned a specific role within the societal structure. To foster a sense of ease during social interactions, Koreans typically prefer engaging with individuals they view as their peers. An individual's status is primarily determined by factors such as their employment position, organizational affiliation, educational background, and marital status.…

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