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ID number:283127
Published: 15.05.2019.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 12 units
References: Used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
  Anotācija    5
  Introduction    6
1.  Literary and non-literary texts    8
1.1.  Classification of literary texts    8
1.2.  Translation of poetry    10
2.  Rap as poetry    12
2.1.  Nature of rap battles    13
3.  Rap battle between Oxxxymiron and Dizaster    14
3.1.  Analysis of EN-RU translation of lyrics of rap songs performed during the rap battle between Oxxxymiron and Dizaster    14
  Conclusions    21
  List of references    22
  Sources    23
  Appendixes    25

1. The aim of the work is attained, all tasks are accomplished; the types of literary texts are defined, the strategies for poetry translation are determined, the English-Russian translation of the lyrics of the rap battle between Oxxxymiron and Dizaster is analysed, better solutions for the translation are offered.
2. During conduction of the research, the author of the paper discovered that there is a scarcity of books on poetry translation in the library of the Ventspils University of Applied Sciences. Mostly the academic literature on this topic is in Russian, and minority in Latvian – amount of the appropriate literature in English is in between.
3. Even though the rap culture is relatively young, it already developed to such degree that has its own sub-cultures – one of which is battle rap. Scholars debate on the question if rap can be considered as a part of poetry; most of them hold to an opinion that it is possible to set rap equal to poetry, but – due to its external rhyme – to incomplete poetry.
4. After the analysis, the author of the paper stated that the English-Russian translation of the lyrics of the rap battle between Oxxxymiron and Dizaster – made by Miron Fyodorov (Oxxxymiron) – is acceptable. In some cases were used such translation methods as descriptive translation, localisation, softening, etc. Unfortunately, some rude mistakes as omission and mistranslation appeared, which lowered the quality of the translation.
5. As Miron Fyodorov is not a professional translator – but he graduated from the Oxford University with a degree in Middle English literature – the author of the work stated that it is hard to make a translation of high quality without any professional education in the field of translation studies. Certain knowledge on translation theory is required to cope with the translation task, and not to make such mistakes as, for example, mistranslating.
6. After finishing the analysis of the lyrics of the rap battle (the first round), the author of the paper concluded that for future translators it will be hard to cope with the translation of lyrics of rap songs. The greatest part of such texts is full of different references of various degrees of complexity, so the translator should have background knowledge in many fields – culture, popular culture, politics, history, etc.…

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