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  • Agenda

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school2  

    08.30-09.30 Final coordination of the agenda of the visit of the group of Mr. LI CHUNG (China), including: 1. The purpose of the visit and the program of visiting the company ...

  • Recommendation Letter

    Samples for secondary school5  

    Recommendation Letter(1) Dear Sir or Madam: As ex-director of the Department of Applied Chemistry at Dalian Railway College, where Mr. *** studied, I am very glad to ...

  • The Analysis of the Problem to Create "Low-Cost" Airline

    Term Papers for university73 Evaluated! 

    INTRODUCTION Despite all the hardships and difficulties in the private business sector, a lot of people are making money there. Starting up the business is not the work for one ...

  • Teaching English to Pre-School Children and Children in a Primary School

    Presentations for university11  

    Children in a primary school and especially pre-school children have some excellent quality's. For example, good memory and imitative that very help to learn a foreign languages. ...

  • Environment in the World

    Research Papers for university42  

    Air protection Air quality improvement is one of the main priorities of Environmental policy in Latvia. Besides taking into account air pollution transboundary character, these ...

  • Portfolio of Translations

    Research Papers for university50  

    Anotācija Darba mērķis ir iepazīstināt lasītāju ar izvēlēto tekstu tulkojumu un lingvostilistisku analīzi. Izpētes metodes un datu vākšana: zinātniskās literatūras pētīšana un ...

  • Translation Theory

    Term Papers for university95  

    CONCLUSION The current Diploma paper presents the reader a view on translation in general, translation theory and the approaches of several significant sicentisits to it. Each ...

  • Law Worldwide

    Summaries, Notes for university13  

    Brainstorm Rules-noteikumi laws-likumi regulations-priekšraksti law codes-likuma kodeksi Lawgivers-likumam padotie legislators-likumdevējs Civil law- ...

  • Translation from English into Russian

    Summaries, Notes for university2  

    A patent application may fail or the grant of a patent can be revoked, that is, removed from the Register in terms of the Patent Acts 1997, if, for example, a successful ...

  • Телекоммуникации. Telecommunications. Перевод с русского на английский

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school1  

    Являясь специализированным учреждением ООН в области ИКТ, МСЭ также играл ведущую роль в проведении Всемирного саммита по информационному обществу, который проходил в Женеве 10–12 ...


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