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  • Comparison of Two Enterprises

    Summaries, Notes for university9  

    ... cocktail drinks than Aldaris, also if we ... turnover of AS Aldaris reached EUR 27 ... than Aldaris. In authors opinion, if Aldaris want ... with local brand “Aldaris” because people in ...

  • The National Meals of Various States

    Presentations for secondary school15  

    Eating in Latvia Latvian cuisine comes from the peasant culture. Latvian cuisine is typical for temperate and northern counties, high on butter, fat and grains, low on spice ...

  • Company "Aldaris"

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school1  

    ... in Latvia- Aldaris. The company ... state owned company Aldaris was privatised. ... employee training. Aldaris brewery occupies 5 ... is “Aldaris Zelta”(Aldaris Gold) beer.Aldaris produces ...

  • Company "Aldaris"

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school2  

    ... state owned company ALDARIS was privatised. It ...

  • Aldaris

    Essays for secondary school1  

    Name of “Aldaris” is recognizable in ... countries. Doubtless that “Aldaris” is one of ... important thing for “Aldaris” is it’s ...

  • Joint Stock Company "Aldaris"

    Presentations for secondary school8  

    BACKGROUND INFORMATION JSC „Aldaris” is a brewery ... since 2008. „Aldaris” brewery is in ... summer. Thus, „Aldaris” is the biggest ... the Baltic States. „Aldaris” has the leading ...

  • Marketing Plan Company "Simeks"

    Business Plans for university46 Evaluated! 

    At the moment the company “Simeks” is one of the largest companies on the Latvian market. The company’s annual turnover is increasing steadily and it is expanding its field of ...

  • Latvia

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school1  

    ... Riga are Aldaris, Laima, Staburadze. Aldaris produce alcohol ...

  • Culture of Baltic states

    Essays for secondary school3  

    Estonia's native folklore survived centuries of foreign domination thanks largely to a rich oral tradition of songs, verses and chants on subjects like the seasonal cycle, farming ...

  • Tourism in Riga

    Research Papers for university16 Evaluated! 

    Introduction Latvia is situated on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea, sharing borders with Lithuania to the south, Estonia to the north, Russia to the east and Belarus to the ...

  • Latvian Food Culture

    Research Papers for secondary school14  

    Latvia is located in a temperate climatic zone with fairly long and cold winters and warm, short summers. Due to the harsh climate and relatively poor soil quality Latvians have ...

  • Joint-Stock Company "Cēsu alus"

    Presentations for elementary school14  

    History of JSC “Cēsu alus” The first brewery was located in the castle. 1590 is considered to be the year when the brewery was founded. 1976 Industrial beer producer JSC “Cēsu ...

  • Anglo-Saxon Element in "The Lord of the Rings" by J.R.R.Tolkien

    Research Papers for university12 Evaluated! 

    In the first chapter of the research I have evaluated the most characteristic lexical and textual contents of the Old English literature. In the first subchapter, the research on ...

  • Development and Characteristic Features of Latvian National Kitchen

    Essays for secondary school5  

    Ancient Latvian’s had four major holidays, which are associated with the positioning of the sun in the sky – the winter solstice, at Christmas, when the night is the longest, the ...

  • Business Activities of " Gutta"

    Presentations for elementary school9  

    Mission "Gutta – a team of juice experts. We guarantee to the customers and collaboration partners the excellence of taste, quality and stability." Work priorities: products ...

  • Motivation in Education

    Research Papers for university9  

    Conclusion In this essay I reviewed intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, where extrinsic motivation oriented pupils are very grade motivated, but intrinsic motivated pupils are ...


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