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ID number:244492
Published: 02.12.2019.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 5 units
References: Not used
Time period viewed: 2016 - 2020 years
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
1.  Company profiles    2
2.  Products    3
2.1.  Aldaris brands and product lines in beer category    3
2.1.1.  Ciders    3
2.1.2.  Mineral water, soft drinks and energy drinks    3
2.1.3.  Distribution    3
2.1.4.  Pricing strategies    4
2.2.  Cēsu Alus brands and product lines    5
2.2.1.  Alcoholic Cocktails    5
2.2.2.  Ciders    5
2.2.3.  Water and life-style drinks    5
2.2.4.  Energy drinks and non alcoholic beverages    5
2.2.5.  Distribution    6
2.2.6.  Pricing strategy    6
3.  Marketing and advertising    6
3.1.  Aldaris marketing and advertising    6
3.2.  Cēsu Alus marketing and advertising    6
  Conclusion    7
  References    8

To sum up, Aldaris and Cēsu alus are working with great brands, both company offers the same category drinks – Beer, beer mixes, water , soft drink, cocktails and energy drinks. The only difference in product portfolio is that Cēsu alus is producing much more cocktail drinks than Aldaris, also if we compare assortment, you can see that Aldaris works more with import brands while Cēsu alus works with their own local brand.
If we compare last year’s turnover, the turnover of AS Aldaris reached EUR 27.1 million euro, with l,2 million euro profit losses. While Cēsu alus turnover is two times higher – 54.2 million euro, and was working with 4.2 million profit.
So we can conclude, that in last year Cēsu Alus were working more successfull than Aldaris.
In authors opinion, if Aldaris want to improve their standings and work with profit, they should work more with local brand “Aldaris” because people in Latvia is more patriotic to local production than import, which is also proven by “Nielsen” data.

Author's comment
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