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  • Business Etiquette in Germany

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school3  

    German culture has been evolving throughout many year-hundreds, but no one can tell exactly when it was established. Some may say that Germany was established at that point when ...

  • Business Etiquette in Japan

    Presentations for secondary school12  

    Meeting Etiquette Greeting in Japan are very formal and ritualized; It can be seen as impolite to introduce to yourself, even in a large gathering; In introductions use the ...

  • Telephone Manners

    Presentations for secondary school11  

    Contents Telephone in General 2. Talking on the Phone Answering the Phone Taking Messages Interrupting Others The Phone is Your Tool 3. Mistakes and Solutions Frequently ...

  • Competitiveness of J/S Company "Kometa" in the World Market

    Term Papers for university75  

    The topic of dissertation “Competitiveness of J/S Company ‘Kometa’ in the world market” is essential, because competitiveness proves to be necessary prerequisite for success of any ...

  • Business Etiquette in Thailand

    Presentations for secondary school12  

    Business hours Most government offices are open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m to 5 p.m. Banks are open seven days a week from 8.30am until 3.30pm. Thai post offices are open ...

  • Comparison of Latvian and Canadian Business Labels

    Summaries, Notes for university1  

    • In general, business behavior in Latvia is similar to that in the rest of Europe; a handshake before and after a meeting is customary and acceptable. Care should be taken to ...

  • Business Etiquette in Bulgaria

    Presentations for secondary school11  

    Bulgarians are simple, serious, poor but very hospitable, they allways host guests with a pleasure. They are proud with their culture and history, and that’s why there in the ...

  • Business Etiquette in Russia

    Presentations for secondary school7  

    DOING BUSINESS IN RUSSIA Russia, the largest country in the world, has a rich cultural identity that has been shaped and moulded by its distinguished history and vast geography. ...

  • Business Culture and Standards of Ethics in Portugal

    Summaries, Notes for university6  

    INTRODUCTION Portugal, which used to be the first and the mightiest colonial state in the Western Europe reached the top of its influence in the 16th century. After the Age of ...

  • Business Etiquette

    Essays for university11  

    Also, elements of patriotism in the business world are not recommended, for example, it is not desirable to wear clothes in the national colors, as well as folk accessories or folk ...

  • Business Etiquette in Russia

    Presentations for secondary school8  

    4. Business meal Always arrive on time; The business breakfast is not a part of Russian business culture. Toasting – very important part of dinning; Clinking glasses – after ...

  • Business Etiquette in Finland

    Presentations for secondary school16  

    Business meals The dining etiquette is very much the same in Finland as in most of other European countries. Table manners are Continental. The best rule for most situations is to ...

  • Spanish Etiquet

    Presentations for secondary school13  

    meals Food plays an important part in Spanish family life, with lunch (la comida) the biggest meal of the day, often lasting from 2 to 4pm. It’s common for shops and whole ...

  • Denmark. Business Etiquette

    Presentations for university21  

    1.SLAIDS Today I will introduce you to Denmark and it’s business etiquette, so I hope you will find out something useful for yourself . 2.SLAIDS Lets start with some facts and ...

  • False Friends of Translator

    Research Papers for university5 Evaluated! 

    Why did I choose this subject? At the beginning this concept attracted me. It was something unusual comparing with other topics. It seemed quite interesting for me; sometimes it is ...

  • Switzerland

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school2  

    Introduction The Swiss Confederation was founded in 13th century as a defensive alliance among three cantons In 1648 it becomes an independant Nation The capital of ...

  • Business Meeting Etiquette in Japan

    Research Papers for university14  

    Japan is a country located in the southeast region of Asia. It lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan. The current population is estimated at 126.6 million people. The ...

  • Business Travel to Argentina

    Presentations for university16  

    Business visa: Additionally to mentioned above is required: -letter of introduction from employer -letter of invitation from the company in Argentina -Bank reference and ...

  • Business Etiquette in Argentina

    Presentations for university8  

    Population 39,537,900 Capital City Buenos Aires (11.5 mil) Currency Argentine peso (ARS) Official Language Spanish Religions Catholic (92%), Protestants and Jews (4%), ...

  • Portugal

    Presentations for elementary school9  

    General language Speak clearly and slowly Start formaly and then drop to casual Portuguese are generally reserved, pacific Portuguese are tolerant, difficult to offend Avoid ...

  • Business Etiquette and Business Contacts in Norway

    Presentations for secondary school25  

    Business meetings In general business meetings are very important and necessary Invitation can be written or agreed on the phone Punctuality is important Meetings take place ...

  • Business Travel to Australia

    Presentations for secondary school12  

    Work aim To find info about business travel possibility’s in Australia Find info about business traditions in Australia Work task To summarize all needful info about: Visa ...

  • Business Etiquette in Great Britain

    Research Papers for secondary school6  

    Location: Western Europe, islands including the northern one-sixth of the island of Ireland between the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, northwest of France Capital: London ...

  • Terminology in Music

    Research Papers for university20  

    Introduction Music terminology is not very much developed, just like any other sphere in Latvian. This is why there are different problems when writing papers, articles or books ...

  • Business Etiquette in Italy

    Presentations for secondary school11  

    Republic of Italy Southern Europe 60 million citizens Roman Catholic Italian Three active volcanoes Stromboli, Vesuvius, and Etna The Vatican city Wear good clothes Men: ...


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