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  • English Speaking Countries

    Research Papers for secondary school14  

    Introduction I chose this project because it is interesting to know some things about English speaking countries. With this project I want to present the all-important things ...

  • Pledge Contract (Security against Sale with Delay of Payment)

    Samples for university5  

    Riga __ _______ 199__ Enterprise ______________, registered number LV ________, hereinafter referred to as The Creditor, in the presence of director general ...

  • Agreement Regarding Debt Repayment

    Samples for university4  

    _______________, hereinafter referred to as The Debtor, in presence of chairman _______________, acting on basis of Statute of the enterprise, on the one hand, and ______________, ...

  • Fast Credits: Easy Money for Customers or for the Firms?

    Research Papers for university17  

    Conclusion The market of fast loans definitely needs some regulation because currently it has economic profits which are obtained from people who are so poor that are not able to ...

  • Home Reading

    Research Papers for secondary school3  

    This chapter of the book is devoted to the analysis of small business. So let us define this main topic. Small business is a business which is independently owed and operated and ...

  • Business Glossary on Commercial Terms

    Summaries, Notes for university14  

    ... bankruptcy (6) Creditor Kreditors Entity to whom ...

  • Economic Terms

    Summaries, Notes for university2  

    1. Advertising – reklamēšana – the use of paid commercial messages for the purpose of selling products or ideas. 2. Corporation - korporācija – a group of persons granted a ...


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