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  • Epic Story "Beowulf"

    Presentations for secondary school9  

    ... with our Latvian lāčplēsis, you can see ... that unlike Beowulf Lāčplēsis has Known author ... gets cremated, but Lāčplēsis falls in Daugava ... too, for example Lāčplēsis and beowulf got ...

  • National Traditions and Holidays in Latvia

    Summaries, Notes for elementary school1  

    ... day people celebrate Lāčplēša Day. When we ... the name of Lāčplēsis we always think ...

  • Competitiveness of J/S Company "Kometa" in the World Market

    Term Papers for university75  

    The topic of dissertation “Competitiveness of J/S Company ‘Kometa’ in the world market” is essential, because competitiveness proves to be necessary prerequisite for success of any ...

  • The Quest in "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" by M.Twain and "Small World" by D.Lodge

    Term Papers for university42 Evaluated! 

    The Arthurian Legends are broadly used as favorable source for creation of literary works. The cycle of Arthurian Legends is a concept linked with a legend of King Arthur, the ...

  • Comparison of Two Enterprises

    Summaries, Notes for university9  

    CONCLUSION To sum up, Aldaris and Cēsu alus are working with great brands, both company offers the same category drinks – Beer, beer mixes, water , soft drink, cocktails and ...

  • Latvia

    Presentations for secondary school13  

    ... day) November 11th - Lāčplēsis Day November 18th ...

  • Welcome to My Country

    Presentations for elementary school10  

    ... - Christmas, Ligo, Easter, Lacplesis Day. Latvian Athletes ...

  • My Favorite Food - Pancakes

    Presentations for elementary school9  

    Varieties of pancakes Chocolate chips pancakes Bluberry pancakes Banana pancakes And much more Where you can find receipt for pancakes? Books Internet Mother, grandmother ...

  • "Cido Group" Marketing Analysis

    Research Papers for university13  

    3. MARKETING STRATEGY OF CIDO GROUP Marketing strategy in Cido Group serve as the fundamental underpinning of marketing plans designed to fill market needs and reach marketing ...

  • Japanese Visual Language

    Research Papers for university8  

    Lastly, I would like to point out that beyond just being entertaining sequential images combined with text are an effective tool of communication and education. In Latvia we haven’ ...

  • Moscow Suburb - Description of Travel

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school2  

    If you feel hungry after swimming, let's go to lunch at "Lido leisure center." On the way back we can throw out a little detour through "lubančiks" - area at the Maskavas and ...

  • Company "Royal Unibrew" - Expanding Business in Baltic Region

    Business Plans for university29  

    Delimitation Even though the company wants to increase its market share in Baltic market, we are not going to base our analyses on the Baltic region as a whole, but will only ...

  • Gaze Construction

    Essays for university3  

    MacRury concludes that ‘advertising, it has been assumed, manipulates audiences in general, but women in particular. […] “The consumer”, coded as feminine, is regarded as less ...

  • Culture of Baltic states

    Essays for secondary school3  

    Estonia's native folklore survived centuries of foreign domination thanks largely to a rich oral tradition of songs, verses and chants on subjects like the seasonal cycle, farming ...

  • Writers

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school4  

    ... Latvian epic poem "Lacplesis" in 1888. Rudolfs ...

  • The Freedom Monument

    Essays for elementary school1  

    It is recommendable to start a tour around Riga's historical centre from a sacred(svēta) place of the Latvian nation – the Freedom Monument. This outstanding(izcils) ...

  • Latvian Food Culture

    Research Papers for secondary school14  

    Latvia is located in a temperate climatic zone with fairly long and cold winters and warm, short summers. Due to the harsh climate and relatively poor soil quality Latvians have ...

  • Business Plan Content

    Business Plans for university16  

    “Health & Joy” ltd is made to carry out economic activities accordingly public’s purposes and tasks. “Health & Joy” ltd is registred in the Enterprise Register in January 2, 2003 ...

  • Daugavpils

    Research Papers for university5  

    ... falling Raiņa bust (Lāčplēšan in the street ...

  • Joint-Stock Company "Cēsu alus"

    Presentations for elementary school14  

    History of JSC “Cēsu alus” The first brewery was located in the castle. 1590 is considered to be the year when the brewery was founded. 1976 Industrial beer producer JSC “Cēsu ...

  • The Southern Bridge

    Presentations for secondary school21  

    Introduction The Southern Bridge is presently the biggest construction project in Latvia and its capital city - Riga The presentations topic is connected with my future ...

  • The Torch Procession

    Essays for secondary school1  

    ... fighters remembrance day - Lacplesis Day. It was ...

  • Romanticism

    Presentations for university19  

    Definition Reaction to 18th century classicism & rationalism Viewed as revolutionary, emphasized change Events now affect human thought & expression and society & politics. ...

  • Organic Food Pros and Cons

    Research Papers for university31  

    CONCLUSIONS The author has come to a conclusion that it is very hard to summarize all facts what are for and against organic food because they rely mostly on personal attitude and ...

  • Latvia

    Presentations for secondary school23  

    ... ‘’Līgo’’ Independence day + Lāčplēšdiena ‘’Staro Rīga’’ – Shine ...


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