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  • Stock Company "Laima"

    Presentations for university21  

    ... associations connected with Laima. In Riga, ... company Laima. Since then, the name Laima ... 29 sweets manufacturers, Laima was a recognized ... export market. Laima products were exported ...

  • SIA "Emihls Gustavs Chocolate" and AS "Laima"

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school5  

    Laima” was born in ... ago in 2003. „Laima” has 20 shops ... just in Riga. ”Laima”exports its products ... Estonia. Service in “Laima” shops are ordinary ...

  • AS "Laima" and SIA "Emihls Gustavs Chocolate"

    Presentations for secondary school19  

    History of “Laima” This sweet legend ... 1870 In 1993 “Laima” was privatised and ... joint stock company. “Laima” is the largest ...

  • The Most Important Economic Issues Covered by the Baltic Times

    Summaries, Notes for university2  

    One of the most important economic issue covered by the Baltic Times is fact that most of workers leaving the Baltic States and go to earn money to the West. It is big problem and ...

  • Differences between British and American English

    Research Papers for secondary school23  

    3. Summary After having processed and analyzed literature about British and American English, author has concluded that differences between them developed in a very early stage ...

  • Masking Traditions in Latvia. Maskošanās tradīcijas Latvijā

    Research Papers for secondary school3  

    No Mārtiņiem līdz pat Meteņiem latvieši gājuši masku gājienos. To nosaukumi un parašas atšķiras atkarībā no vietas un laika, kad maskās iets. Izplatītākie ir ķekatas, budēļi, ...

  • Themes for Exam

    Summaries, Notes for elementary school2  

    1) My free time 2) Sport 3) On Holiday 4) My dream Holiday 5) Friends, person’s description 6) Traveling 7) My family 8) Healthy living 9) Dialogue in a café 1) I would ...

  • Magazine Article. Travel Tips for Tourists

    Essays for secondary school1  

    There are a lot of different things you should remember if you want to get the most out of a visit to my country. Transport First of all, traveling around. The most comfortable ...

  • Riga Sightseeing

    Presentations for university17  

    Eight hundred years have shaped the city’s unique appearance and rich traditions. Due to its geographical location on the Baltic Sea (where East and West meets), Riga has been an ...

  • Political Culture in Latvia

    Presentations for secondary school16  

    Capital: Riga Political system: Parliamentary republic Population: 2 261 100 (2009)      Population density: 36 inhabitants/km² Official language(s): Latvian Non-nationals of ...

  • Oligopoly Market in Latvia

    Presentations for secondary school12  

    AS "Latvenergo": AS «Augstsprieguma tīkls» АS «Sadales tīkls» «Latvenergo Kaubandus OÜ» (Estonia), «Latvenergo Prekyba, UAB» (Lithuania) SIA «Liepājas enerģija» Trust ...

  • Business Plan "Hotel Roxana"

    Business Plans for secondary school39  

    CONSLUSION Watching from an accounting perspective, the annual design and balance in chosen business is a successful in developed business plan. The purpose in chosen business ...

  • Latvia

    Presentations for secondary school14  

    Traditional festives Jāņi (summer solstice) Jāņi is the most popular Latvian festivity. It is a day when cities vacate and every civil servant and bank clerk shows their pagan ...

  • Latvia

    Summaries, Notes for elementary school1  

    Last, but not least important are places. Every city in Latvia is worth seeing because each of them has something special , for example, old Riga has incredible architecture, ...

  • Tourism and Traveling

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school6  

    57. Where is your town situated? Daugavpils is a city in south-eastern Latvia, located on the banks of the Daugava River, from which the city gets its name. It is the second- ...

  • The Company "Laima"

    Presentations for secondary school15  

    Laima currently employs around ... . The products of Laima can now be ... . 4.Slaids Companie Laima currently offer a ... of products.The Laima trademark is represented ...

  • Best Places which Are Worth to Visit in Riga

    Presentations for secondary school14  

    ... represented here. «Laima» clock "Laima" is one of ...

  • Employee Evaluation

    Presentations for university15  

    Employee comparison method It should be clear performance criteria, all have been informed before about them. This method is a good motivator. Nobody wants to be bottom of the ...

  • Company "Laima"

    Research Papers for secondary school5  

    ... and production company LAIMA was etablished. In ... sweets production plant LAIMA is located now ... 1938, the JSC LAIMA had become a ... on the JSC LAIMA by Latvian Chamber ...

  • AS "Laima"

    Presentations for university30  

    AS LAIMA is one of ...

  • Joint Stock Company "Laima"

    Presentations for secondary school7  

    ... joint stock company Laima. 1938 – Laima was a ... export market. 1993 - Laima was privatised and ...

  • Company "Laima"

    Presentations for elementary school7  

    Laima produces sweets in ... has been called Laima; The war in ... ,despite of that Laima continued its work ... ; In 1993 Laima was privatised and ...

  • Research Proposal

    Research Papers for university28  

    ... for A/S Laima to enter the ... and A/S Laima could make adjustments ... product. A/S Laima should consider opportunities ... allow A/S Laima not to change ...

  • Tourism in Riga

    Research Papers for university16 Evaluated! 

    Introduction Latvia is situated on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea, sharing borders with Lithuania to the south, Estonia to the north, Russia to the east and Belarus to the ...

  • Vecrīga

    Research Papers for secondary school3  

    Excursion starts from Laimas watch, which is ... meet at the Laima clock!") or (" ... Rendezvous at the Laima clock!") - these are ... started here. :-) The Laima clock was recently ...


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