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ID number:979000
Published: 16.12.2006.
Language: English
Level: Elementary school
Literature: n/a
References: Not used

1) My free time
2) Sport
3) On Holiday
4) My dream Holiday
5) Friends, person’s description
6) Traveling
7) My family
8) Healthy living
9) Dialogue in a café

1) I would like to tell you about my free time. Usually in my free time I go out. I to ride a bike or roller-skates. When I am lazy I watch TV or just relaxing. I like going to picnics, but I don’t do it very often. In winter I go skating or skiing. I like listening music. Sometimes I play computer, cooking dinner or go to friends. I like going to park with my friends. There we sway and talk about school or other things. But I don’t have very much free time because I need go to school and learn smart things!
• Have you very much free time?
• Do you help to your parents in free time?
• Are you very sad when you don’t have free time?

2) I have sport lesson on school. But I don’t like it. I don’t like running, jumping, but I like play sport games. I like play football, volleyball and flying saucer. Better I like to ride a bike, go to camping and be in nature. Sport is swimming, too. And I like it. In summer I do it very often. On water I snorkeling and swimming. It’s very nice and gets fun. I watch Euro sport in TV. I like swimming and athlete race.
• What’s your favorite sport game?
• Are you attractive in sport lesson?
• Do we need sport?

3) Dialogue: Monta: Hi, Ance! There Monta calling! How you feel after holidays?
Ance: O! It was fantastic! I was in country! There was so much animals- I saw sheeps, cows, little chickens, hens, horses, dogs, cats and other.
Monta: It sounds nice!
Ance: Yes, of course. But were you was?
Monta: My holidays were great, too. I was in city. I stay there one week to my friend Lisa. We go to shops, museums, cinema, theatre, funfair and we have so much fun!

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