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  • Dictionary of Philological Terms in English

    Summaries, Notes for university18  

    1.Ablaut ablout An ablaut is a vowel change, characteristic of Indo-European languages, that accompanies a change in grammatical function; Also called gradation Patskaņu mija; ...

  • Lecture Notes in English Style

    Summaries, Notes for university18  

    Language. Speech. Text. (D…) Language is a system of associations (these are simple and complex signs) which exists in human minds but manifests itself in the acts of speech. As ...

  • English for Lawyers

    Summaries, Notes for university20  

    1. What is examined in appeal procedures? A defendant found guilty may appeal against the finding or against the punishment and the judge of the court will hear the appeal ...

  • Angļu valodas atbildes uz eksāmena jautājumiem

    Summaries, Notes for university12  

    1.What is examined in appeal procedures? To appeal means to ask a higher court to change sentence which is made in lower court. If court faund defendant quilty by the lower ...

  • 18 esejas angļu valodā

    Essays for secondary school7  

    EDUCATION IN RUSSIA An educated person is one who knows a lot about many things. I think it is very important that everyone should be educated. Each pupil ought to-do his ...

  • English Text Translation into Latvian

    Summaries, Notes for university4  

    A. Introduction The modern history of European integration begins at the end of World War II, when the states of Europe were motivated by common interest in rebuilding a ...

  • English Text Translation in Latvian. Angļu valodas teksta tulkojums latviešu valodā

    Summaries, Notes for university4  

    Bezirksgerichete (District Courts) have jurisdiction in civil cases involving amounts up to 130, 000 Austrian Schillings (ATS) and handle all matters of family law (paternity, ...

  • Angļu valodas likumi

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school27  

    Darbības vārdam Be (būt) vienkāršajā tagadnē ir trīs formas I am He, she, it is We, you, they are Vienskaitlis 1. persona I am young. Es esmu jauns 2. persona you are ...

  • Visa angļu valodas gramatika

    Presentations for secondary school100  

    Little, a little, The little Little with a singular noun means (maz): I have very little time for reading. A liitle means mazliet: The little means tas mazais daudzums,kas...: ...

  • Consumables in English

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school6  

    Vien-kāršie t. Ann makes tea every afternoon p. Ann made tea yesterday n. Ann will make tea tomorrow n/p Ann said that she would make tea soon Tea is made every afternoon Tea ...

  • Table of Basic Forms in English

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school3  

    be was/were been beat beat beaten become became become begin began begun bend bent bent bite bit bitten blow blew blown break boke broken bring brought brought build built ...

  • Consumables in Business Correspondence in English

    Summaries, Notes for university7  

    2. Express your positive feeling about writing the letter. Then explain how long you have known the person and what your relationship has been (supervisor, teacher, co-worker). ...

  • Two Advertising Analysis in English

    Summaries, Notes for university1  

    2. Positioning The advert gives sure idea of the service we will get. They offer the favorites dishes and drinks of King Philip I, Duke Charles from Burgundy and Margaret of York. ...

  • Time Table in English

    Summaries, Notes for elementary school1  

    I yesterday You +ed(regular) last week He, she, it IIf. verb in 1998 We II(irregular) when I was They He worked yesterday Did she slept? She slept well Did they drive? ...

  • Economic Terms in English

    Summaries, Notes for university2  

    1. activization aktivizēšana 2. methodology metodoloģija 3. transactions darījumi 4. loans aizdevumi 5. domestic vietējs 6. enterprises uzņēmējdarbība 7. effective ...

  • Tickets for the English Language Exam in Phonetics

    Summaries, Notes for university5  

    1.Phonetics and its subjects matter. a)What is phonetics? - Phonetics is the study of human speech sounds or in another words the science of speech sounds of a language. ...

  • Topics for the Speaking Part of the English Exam

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school10  

    Par sevi Personality traits Personality traits are a combination of genes and upbringing, and it is said, that they have a big influence on your job. The resent researches showed ...

  • Financial Terms in English

    Summaries, Notes for university3  

    To appreciate - To recognize the quality. To buy insurance over the counter - Method of selling insurance in which the insured purchases the product directly from the insurance ...

  • Poverty in Latin America

    Presentations for elementary school19  

    They should: Assist students to continue their studies and graduate, “poor-friendly” loans and higher wages are necessary for parents to support students make it easier ...

  • Angļu valodas gramatikas konspekts

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school8  

    7. Passives Passive (be + past participle) Lieto, kad mēs nezinām, vai mums vienalga, kurš to dara. My car was stolen yesterday. (Mēs nezinām, kurš nozaga) A lot of wine is ...

  • Business Letters in English

    Samples for university5  

    Parma Nand Dadhara Bamun Street Tezpur 784001 India November 26 Drake Cycle Company Wellington New Zealand Dear Sirs, We noticed your new sports models advertised ...

  • Legal Terms and Words in English

    Summaries, Notes for university2  

    Tieslietu ministrija – Justice Ministry Cietuma uzraugs – prison warden Piespriest – award Bankrotēt – to bust Prēmija – bonus Pārkāpt likumu – break the law, violate the law ...

  • English

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school16  

    rosy – rožains, rozā (saka par parādību) pink – rozā (saka par lietu) clean – tīrs customer – pircējs expensiv – dārgs cheap – lēts tights [taits] – zeķubikses knicker – ...

  • English

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school2  

    I. The USA 1. What makes the USA the leader of the western World? 2. What is its geographical position? 3. Which countries are bordering it? 4. How many parts does the USA ...

  • English for Beginners

    Summaries, Notes for elementary school31  

    3. Lasiet un izrunājiet skaļi! • job what’s What’s your job? • doctor a doctor I’m doctor. • Engineer an engineer I’m an engineer. 4. Jautājiet un atbildiet! What’s ...


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