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  • JSC "Nordeka" Company and Its Offer

    Summaries, Notes for university2  

    A profille of JSC NORDEKA Almost each Latvian rezident has been used NORDEKA service – in one year there been transported 2.5 million passengers. In each day passengers use 40 ...

  • Hotel "Riga"

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school3  

    Hotel "Riga" is situated in the most beautiful area – in the centre of the city Riga, nearby the National Opera House and not far from Freedom Monument. In the 19th century it ...

  • Socio-Economic Factors of Consumer Behavior: Regional Aspect. Patērētāju uzvedības sociālekonomiskie faktori: reģionālais aspekts

    Summaries, Notes for university82  

    NOBEIGUMS Galvenie secinājumi, atzinumi un konstatējumi Promocijas darbā ar ekonomisko uzvedību apzīmēts pazīmju un rādītāju kopums, kas raksturo patērētāju darbības, ieskaitot ...

  • Modālie darbības vārdi

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school2  

    Fiziska spēja kaut ko veikt , mācēšana kaut ko darīt , prāta spējas ,kā arī iespēju , kuras realizācija atkarīga no paša subjekta. Parasti lieto ar ...

  • Tirgus izpēte uzņēmumam “No Name”

    Research Papers for university14  

    Secinājumi un priekšlikumi Izvērtējot visu augstākminēto, autore ir nonākusi pie sekojošiem secinājumiem: Ikgadējais prognozējamais betona pieprasījuma pieaugums varētu būt 4-8 ...

  • Naudas funkcijas

    Summaries, Notes for university12  

    Vienalga vai nauda ir gliemežvāki vai akmeņi, zelts vai papīrs taj ir trīs primārās funkcijas katrā ekonomikā: maiņas līdzeklis, norēķina vienība un vērtības uzkrāšana. No šīm ...

  • A Three Day Trip to London

    Research Papers for secondary school34  

    Introduction For someone travelling is a hobby, passion or a way of relaxation. It is always a positive activity, because you can learn many new things like the history of ...

  • Dictionary of Construction Terms

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school1  

    1.cottonwool - vate 2.pressure - spiediens 3.customer - klients - aizsardzība 5.indirectly - nepareizi 6.experience – pieredze 7.noose - tilpums 8.slit - ...

  • Firm Offer about Logistic Services

    Essays for secondary school1  

    As a specialist in logistics I have managed this company for almost 20 years. We have been through different times, we were one of most successful companies that survived ...

  • Unemployment in Latvia

    Presentations for secondary school10  

    Reasons for unemployment Unwilling/unable to relocate to where your skills/experience are needed Your job search could benefit from more breadth and depth for you to discover ...

  • Hotel "Liesma"

    Presentations for secondary school11  

    Business and tourist class rooms with private facilities; Conference facilities; Banquet and special functions organization; Sauna with banquet facilities; Bar with ...

  • History of Advertising and PR

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school6  

    In ancient times the most common form of advertising was by word of mouth. However, commercial messages were found in the ruins of Pompeii. As printing developed in the 15th and ...

  • Competitiveness of J/S Company "Kometa" in the World Market

    Term Papers for university75  

    The topic of dissertation “Competitiveness of J/S Company ‘Kometa’ in the world market” is essential, because competitiveness proves to be necessary prerequisite for success of any ...

  • Impact of Eco-taxes on Supply Side Behavior

    Research Papers for university8  

    One of the central goals of community would be to make prices reflect true costs. At present, prices place an artificially low value on non-renewable natural resources and ...

  • Mājas lasīšana angļu valodā

    Research Papers for secondary school3  

    Plan: Methods of rising additional equity finance: Retained profit Factors Rights issues The importance of the rights issue price Factors to consider in respect of rights ...

  • Ecotourism in Latvia

    Research Papers for university7  

    Ecotourism generally refers to travel to relatively undisturbed or uncontaminated natural areas with the specific objective of studying, admiring and enjoying the scenery and its ...

  • Compare of Three Quest Houses in Bulgaria

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school3  

    A guest house is a private home which has been converted for the exclusive use of guest accommodation. The owner usually lives in an entirely separate area within the property and ...

  • Offers of Three Hotels of Baltic

    Presentations for university20  

    There are altogether 91 rooms at the hotel L'Ermitage, 11 single rooms and 80 double rooms. Including, there are 2 Superior rooms and 1 suite. All rooms offer a shower or bath, ...

  • Konspekts angļu valodā

    Summaries, Notes for elementary school1  

    Vārdiņi – špikerīši, piemēri Always, usually, regularly, often, every morning/night/evening/day/week, sometimes, occasionally, from time to time, twice a (week), rarely, seldom ...

  • Taxation of Internet Commerce

    Summaries, Notes for university3  

    In late 1996, the Internet was not the mainstream, robust medium that it is today. The Internet was thought of as a novelty of sorts and was frequently referred to as the “ ...

  • Reise in Italien

    Presentations for secondary school8  

    Wir Angebot: Zwolf tag Exkursion auf Italien, Bequem fahrt mit Flugzeug, Interessant beschauf des Objekts, Vortreffich Erholungstag, Neu Freunde. Reise Marschroute Rom – ...

  • Three Hotels in Baltic States

    Research Papers for secondary school6  

    All around the world there are many kinds of hotels. Most of them are different from each other. Each of them is searching something unique to attract tourists or clients. I have ...

  • Travel Agency "57.paralēle”

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school2  

    Millions of people all over the world spend their holidays travelling. Modern life is impossible without travelling. They travel to see other countries and continents, to learn a ...

  • International Trade

    Essays for secondary school2  

    If you walk into a supermarket and are able to buy South American bananas, Brazilian coffee and a bottle of South African wine, you are experiencing the effects of international ...

  • Job Facilities in Western Europe

    Research Papers for secondary school25  

    I have chosen to write my scientific research work about job facilities in Western Europe, because the economical situation in Latvia at the moment is really bad and many people, ...


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