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ID number:752865
Published: 16.08.2019.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: n/a
References: Not used

Reasons for unemployment
Unwilling/unable to relocate to where your skills/experience are needed
Your job search could benefit from more breadth and depth for you to discover openings that are a good match
Your total compensation expectations are unrealistic and you opt out, holding out for something better
Your subjective opinion of what you are qualified for is not realistic or competitive with other candidates
Criminal/credit/reference background checks and/or drug screens are not your friends
You have not worked (includes significant volunteer work) in so long, your employment gap makes you less competitive than peer candidates
You are not willing to take a job for less money or a less impressive title than the last one you had

Unemployment in Latvia
Latvijā bezdarbniekus sāka reģistrēt 1992. gadā.
Ekonomiski aktīvo iedzīvotāju skaits Latvijā ir nepilns miljons, un no viņiem 86 tūkst. jeb 9% reģistrējušies kā bezdarbnieki.
Vairāk nekā puse jeb 54% no bezdarbniekiem ir sievietes.
Savukārt vecuma ziņā visvairāk bezdarbnieku ir vecuma grupā no 55 līdz 59 gadiem – 16% no kopējā bez darba esošo cilvēku skaita.
Ilgstošie bezdarbnieki, kuriem darba nav gadu un ilgāk, veido trešdaļu – 31,6%.

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