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  • Rainis "Riga"

    Essays for secondary school3  

    ... other domestic animals. Rainis is asking “who ...

  • Trip around Daugavpils District

    Presentations for university18  

    General information about the city It is the city where you can get acquainted with the monuments of architecture of local and state significance, history and culture, as well ...

  • About Latvia

    Presentations for elementary school12  

    Brainstorm (Latvian: Prāta Vētra) Is a Latvian pop/rock band. The band became popular internationally in 2000, when they finished third in the Eurovision Song Contest 2000 with ...

  • Grammar Tenses

    Samples for secondary school3  

    Present • Actions which happen regularly Signal words: every day, every morning, always, etc. E: Peter goes to school at 8 o'clock every morning. Does Peter go to school ...

  • Nick Hornby "How to Be Good"

    Research Papers for secondary school5  

    Nick Hornby was born in 1957. He is the author of FEVER PITCH and of three novels: HIGH FIDELITY, ABOUT A BOY, and HOW TO BE GOOD. All four books have been international ...

  • Angļu valodas gramatikas konspekts

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school8  

    7. Passives Passive (be + past participle) Lieto, kad mēs nezinām, vai mums vienalga, kurš to dara. My car was stolen yesterday. (Mēs nezinām, kurš nozaga) A lot of wine is ...

  • Town Jurmala

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school2  

    The famous health resort is located on the coast of the Baltic sea 20 km from Riga. Jurmala, a resort town possessing 150-year-old resort traditions, occupies approximately one- ...

  • Omens in Our Life

    Essays for secondary school1  

    Omens about spring If it is a clear weather on the 1st of February spring is early. If it is sunny on the 4th of February in the afternoon spring is early. If it is snowing on ...

  • The Impact of Weather on Mood

    Essays for secondary school1  

    I often realize that weather has an impact on my mood. It is especially observable in autumn. One day is hot and sunny but the next day it rains. So I have noticed that my mood ...

  • English-Latvian-Russian Equivalence of Proverbs that Contain the Names of Animals

    Term Papers for university63  

    CONCLUSION Having done the research and written the paper “The English-Latvian-Russian Equivalence of Proverbs that Contain the Names of Animals” the author has come to the ...

  • Writers

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school4  

    ... ", written in 1907. Rainis is the most ...

  • Latvia

    Research Papers for secondary school43  

    The Republic of Latvia was founded in 1918. It has been continuously recognised as a state by other countries since 1920 despite occupations by the Soviet Union (1940-1941, 1945- ...

  • Rural Tourism in Daugavpils Region

    Research Papers for university25 Evaluated! 

    The river Daugava, which is one of the most vivid symbols of Latvia, flows through Daugavpils region. The region is located at the very East west side of the country; it has ...

  • Poetry Days

    Essays for secondary school1  

    ... most famous writers – Rainis 100-year celebration ...

  • Present Tenses, Past Tenses and Future Tenses

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school8  

    the simple present the action is general the action happens all the time, or habitually, in the past, present and future the action is not only happening now the statement is ...

  • Daugavpils

    Research Papers for university5  

    Band (not far from A. Bud public garden) of the administrative buildings Alexander Ņevska orthodox church A. Bud bust (A. In a bud public garden) Borisa and Gļeba orthodox ...

  • An Original Script for "The Princess and the Pea" by Hans Christian Andersen

    Summaries, Notes for university6  

    We hear the door opening and closing again. The man doesn’t move an inch. PRINCE: Please, mother. I just wish to be left alone right now.. As the camera turns around, we see a ...

  • Romanticism

    Presentations for university19  

    Definition Reaction to 18th century classicism & rationalism Viewed as revolutionary, emphasized change Events now affect human thought & expression and society & politics. ...

  • Reasons for Leaving Latvia

    Essays for secondary school1  

    Another reason for Latvia- attitude form other people. Of course, in some places and some countries this attitude is negative, like people from other countries are job thiefs and ...

  • Past Tenses

    Presentations for secondary school18  

    If you do not include a duration such as "for five minutes," "for two weeks" or "since Friday," many English speakers choose to use the past continuous rather than the past perfect ...

  • Tour around Latvia

    Presentations for secondary school7  

    ... "Raiņa māja".  Jānis Rainis is a popular ... a home for Rainis at his childhood ...

  • Culture of Baltic states

    Essays for secondary school3  

    Estonia's native folklore survived centuries of foreign domination thanks largely to a rich oral tradition of songs, verses and chants on subjects like the seasonal cycle, farming ...

  • Books and Reading

    Essays for secondary school2  

    Book - published work of literature or scholarship; the term has been defined by UNESCO for statistical purposes as a "non-periodical printed publication of at least 49 pages ...

  • The Subject

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school1  

    A noun in common case The air is heavy. A nominal phrase with a noun A greatnumber of books were put on the table. A personal pronoun in the nominative case He will never do ...

  • Participles in Latvian

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school4  

    Latvian prefixes: Pie- Ap- Uz- At- Aiz- Ie- Pa- Iz- Pār- No- Sa- Usually a word can have only one prefix. An exception is the negative prefix ne- , it can be put in ...


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