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ID number:439808
Published: 29.01.2003.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: n/a
References: Not used

Exercise 1: Read the following sentences and decide which part of the promotion mix is being described.

1.Looking through a magazine you see a coupon that will give you a $ 1.00 discount when you purchase a bag of cookies.

The first offer for connection of manufacture advertising the goods is described. At present it is magazine where we see the coupon at a discount. So any company through mass media offers the buyer an opportunity to familiarize with the goods and it (him) to buy under the price at a discount. The advertising information reflects qualities and advantage of the goods. Advertising is an expensive (a dear) way, for that her (it) precisely it is necessary to decide not and find the sponsor for realization about such advertising.

2.The government wants to build a power plant in your town, but people are angry about pollution. A spokesperson comes on television to tell the people of your town why it is a good idea and how it will benefit the community.

The second case, is communication (connection) of the company with general public through the person who has no any attitude (relation) to the company. This person lets know, that the company thinks of a society, together with about the external party (side) of the target market and his (its) development. The given communication (connection) occurs through TV, and she (it) is rather effective, because the society trusts the information which distribute as news, than advertising more.

3.A young man comes to your house and asks if you would like to buy some educational books.

Personal sale as demonstration of the goods between the person who represents the company and the consumer who is interested to purchase the goods, is in the third case.

4.A company tells its salespeople that the employee who sells the most of its products in a month will get a free trip to Hawaii for a week.…

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