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ID number:277082
Published: 01.10.2004.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: n/a
References: Not used

PN42O 1/1 What is the basic principle of fire prevention? Inspect the vessel at the end of each watch.
VQMB9 1/2 Ideally the adjustable jet/spray nozzle on a hose should be used as.... a jet a spray of arc 30 degrees a spray of arc 60 degrees a spray of arc 90 degrees
MIINC 1/3 In fire-fighting, what does the term "boundary starvation" refer to? Removing the fuel from the boundary of a fire to stop it spreading further
OX8XZ 1/4 Once the fire is contained, the master needs to evaluate the best strategy for the next stage. This might include a number of actions. In your opinion which action does NOT belong? Re - introducing air circulation by opening up fire dampers and other openings.
2MUI1 1/5 If there is an isolated fire on the poop deck, where should the master take control from? The incident site The ship's office The emergency headquarters The bridge
FVKH6 1/6 Your vessel is loading liquid oil cargo and oil begins to flow out of a tank vent. Your first action should be to.... open a valve to another cargo tank set out drip pans, sawdust and oil dispersant carry out emergency stop procedures close the manifold valve
RYVSK 1/7 There are various methods available to extinguish a fire by removing one of the elements of the fire triangle. Removal of potential fuel is called.... fuel starvation
4OI03 1/8 What should you do if a pan of fat or cooking oil catches fire in the galley? Cover it with a fire blanket
UV5J8 1/9 Look at the diagram (Chemistry of Liquefied Gases) and say which gas has the widest flammable range. methane propane ethylene butane
GNHLA 1/10 Most hydrocarbons have vapours which are heavier than air. Which gas commonly found on gas carriers is an exception to this rule? Methane Butane Propane Ethane
JY7WI 1/11 For fighting metal fires you should use.... water special dry powder foam CO2
6K0H9 1/12 If you discover a fire, what is the most important action to take? Report it by raising the alarm
FM0OW 1/13 When the BA team has withdrawn from a fire incident, what action should be taken by the team leader? Thoroughly de-brief the BA team and pass the information to the bridge.

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