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ID number:281441
Published: 29.11.2004.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: n/a
References: Not used

The current assignment discusses the nature of service design in marketing critically evaluating the current situation within the industry of fitness. Whilst performing the assignment authors intensions were to critically evaluate and compare the prudential of various academic approaches discussed during the module. As stated, the idea of this assignment is to critically evaluate the academic literature on the subject of service design in marketing, by finding the links between a variety of academic approaches and common tendencies.
Within the service marketing there is an applied rule which defines five characteristics of service. The five characteristics are: lack of ownership, perishabialty, inseparability, variability, and classification.

Lack of ownership- is defined as intangibility of provision meaning that the service can’t be seen, tasted, felt, heard, or smelled before it is bought. When the service is bought customer has different feelings, such as joy, elation, delight, and satisfaction in general.

Perishabialty- services are perishable by its intangible nature, meaning that they can’t be stored or saved for later use because they perish (i.e. destroying).

Inseparability-service can’t be separated from the service provider. Once the service is purchased, customer has business with service provider whose task is to be able to provide purchased service.

Variability- it is difficult to maintain service quality, and the customers play a significant role as improvers of service which they are getting. Quality servicing greatly varies because it depends which company provides a service and how.

Classification- services are difficult to classify. Each service requires proper qualitative examination in order to be segmented to a particular niche.

To gain more in-depth understanding the characteristics of services can be presented as the following:…

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