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ID number:532389
Published: 09.07.2004.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: n/a
References: Not used

The strangest thing about the gum today is that nobody knows what it’s made of. Nobody will tell you! The chewing gum industry keeps the recipe TOP SECRET!

The history of chewing gum goes back to thousand of years. In Sweden in 1993, the skeleton of a teenager was found, he was nine thousand years old. And in his mouth was a gum made of tree sap and sweetened with honey – the first known chewing gum.

1. Write positive and negative features of this invention.
Good things about the gum.
ü No more dishes to clean.
ü More free time for housewives.
ü This invention would be a success for mothers and people, who have no time to cook.

Bad things about the gum.
ü Big stomachaches.
ü No pleasure of the eaten gum.
ü Because of such type product, some people can lose their jobs. Example- merchants, farmers and other people.

2. Think about a successful promotional campaign for the product.
Are you a successful businessman? Don’t you have time to eat? Is your stomach always hungry? Here is a decision! MAGIC CHEWING GUM! You can eat it any time, any place. Don’t spend your precious time on cooking! Just buy this magic chewing gum!

3. Would this invention be a success on the markets?
At first this invention would be a real success on the markets . Only because it would be something new, something fantastic. But with time going on people would learn the real value of this gum. Everybody would see- how bad it is for your health and how bad it is for your teeth. In fact nobody could tell, fresh the product is or perhaps old.

4. What problems would this gum sole?
Well, I certainly think this magic gum wouldn’t be healthy. If you are allways chewing and chewing, your stomach may get a very bad disease. And what about the farmers ? What will they do? Can you imagine how many people will lose their jobs? And what about our pets? They can’t chew.
5. Be an inventor! Invent a thing that would solve a bunch of problems!…

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