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  • The Multiple Role of Peroxisomes in Plant Life


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ID number:103303
Published: 09.12.2014.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 6 units
References: Used

Protein import into the peroxisomal matrix is carried out by many cytosolic and membrane-associated components. A number of cytosolic and membrane-related molecular chaperones manage the different stages of peroxisomal import of matrix proteins. Heat-shock-inducible plant, and a cytosolic chaperone machines, which include tremor, mammalian cells, operate cotranslationally. They assist post-translational peroxisomal matrix protein import28by promoting folding of some matrix proteins during their synthesis in the cytosol. Significant progress has been made in order to understand how peroxisomes form and mature metabolically active organelles containing your total complement membrane and matrix proteins and membrane lipids. In the classical model of Peroxisome assembly1, it is proposed that the majority of the membrane and matrix protein import structurally identical peroxisome representing homogeneous and singular subcellular compartment. However, there is evidence that a single cell, the peroxisomes exists as a heterogeneous population organelles, which differ in their size, high-density, protein content and protein import capacity. [7]

Anyway, peroxisomes are wery important cell organelles. They have irreplaceable role in plant metabolism, containing all of the enzymes required for fatty acid β-oxidation. The main conclusions include the observations that peroxisome biogenesis and selective degradation pathways converge to select a set of proteins and the functional area rather than the entire protein-are preserved throughout evolution. However, despite this, there are still a large gap in our knowledge of how the unrest Peroxisome homeostasis may affect the health and vitality of the organism. For example anyone don’t know, how and to what extent defects in pexophagy can lead to human disease. Although peroxisomes are studied well enough, there are lot of work to do, as investigating changes in peroxisome dynamics affect cellular metabolism, signaling and stress response. Is wery important to gain a better knowledge about peroxisome complex interactions, to get a coherent understanding about these organelles function in health and, disease.

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