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  • Who Is, and who Should Be, the Principal Beneficiary of English Copyright Law?


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ID number:897940
Published: 09.01.2004.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: n/a
References: Not used

Adding the moral sense, authors alone should be the principal beneficiary. For one, they are the source of the creativity and skills that bring about the work, while those involved in commercial exploitation are only helping in distribution and promotion. Their creativity should be rewarded and encouraged by the law. As above stated , authors' concerns are not merely commercial, they need encouragement and incentive other than pecuniary rewards.
Those involved in commercial exploitation concern mostly in money matter, financial rewards alone can draw them into the business. It is enough for the law to recognise and protect their economic rights. Moreover, when benefiting authors, publishers can have a better quantity and quality of work that they can publish, thus having a greater reward. It follows that the public at large can also enjoy more and better works, and are benefited.
Authors, as the source of the creativity of the copyright works and the benefit of such works, should therefore be the principal beneficiary of the English copyright law.
As argued above, the principal beneficiary of English copyright law is author. While performers' rights are still under-developed, it may develop into similar footings with authors in the near future. Authors and performers, according to the justification of copyright law, considering necessary and morality, should be the principle beneficiary of the copyright law.

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