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ID number:210251
Published: 06.04.2016.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 6 units
References: Not used
Time period viewed: 2011 - 2015 years
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
  Introduction    4
1.  The meaning of child abuse    5
2.  Types of child abuse    6
3.  The consequences of child abuse    10
3.1.  Health consequences of child abuse    10
  Conclusions    12
  Used literature and Internet resources    13

The situation is bad, but there is a hope. There are strategies to prevent child abuse. Author thinks that the first step to prevent child abuse is education. Education means providing children with knowledge about their rights, and teaching them the skills to identify abuse, ask for help, and avoid being re-victimized. Further, parents and caregivers need information and support to help them care for children in a positive and nurturing manner. Another step is that other people have to understand that even they can help any child. They have to remember that they can make a tremendous difference in the life of an abused child. They have just to inform some institutions about the fact or suspects of child abuse. Substantial work must be done with the teachers. As children spend most of their time in schools, it is easier for teachers to notice any changes in the behavior of the child. It is easier children to trust a teacher than the people who are working to prevent a violence against children. Therefore, each teacher should be warned and taught what to do if there are any suspects of child abuse or neglect.
Author thinks that that all cases of suspected child abuse must be investigated to determine if a child is in need of protection. Whenever a child says he or she has been abused, it must be taken seriously and immediately evaluated.

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