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ID number:470596
Published: 13.01.2011.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 17 units
References: Used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
  Anotācija    3
  Annotation    4
  Contents    5
  Introduction    6
1.  Complaints    7
1.1.  Definition of complaint    7
1.2.  Reasons why worry about complaints    7
1.3.  What should be the complaint system    8
1.4.  Types of customer complaints    8
1.5.  Five rules by D. Freemantle    9
1.6.  Summary of the first paragraph    10
2.  Dealing with complaints    12
2.1.  First reaction and emotions    12
2.2.  Steps of dealing with complaints    14
2.2.1.  Listen    14
2.2.2.  Recap    16
2.2.3.  The Apology    16
2.2.4.  The resolution    17
2.3.  Organizational responses to complaints by Davidow    17
2.4.  Dishonest customers    18
2.5.  Summary of the second paragraph    18
3.  Psychology of complaints    20
3.1.  Psychological distance    20
3.2.  Room and interior    20
3.3.  Summary of the third paragraph    20
  Conclusions    21
  References    22

3.2. Room and interior
Also the great role is for the room and it`s layout. For the negotiations it is better to choose the room with a minimum of interior elements, with good lighting, no flowers, which can psychologically affect the client, there must be silence in the room, the air must be clean and cool. Designers recommend to paint room walls in light pastel colors and it would be good if the room is “in the heart of an office", with no window. There is no place for emotions in such premises and people have tuned to the rational problem - solving.39

3.3. Summary of the third paragraph
You have to think about your gestures when you are trying to resolve a problem. Incorrect attitude can make psychological distance and this complicates the situation
You have to make conversations in suitable room with suitable furniture and lighting.

1. My hypothesis was confirmed – in most of situations when people are making complaints, with product or service something is not alright.
2. Dealing with complaints is not like any other everyday conversation. You have to know some rules.
3. Every manager should have some psychologist abilities.
4. Not every manager can keep his temper but every manager should do it when he is dealing with angry customers.
5. We have listening skills but we do not use them.
6. Complaints can be discussed not in every place. There should be special room for discussions in every organization.
7. Polite staff is one of the ways how to succeed.
8. If there is no complaint system in organization, there is no client.
9. To avoid from complaints, there must be taken many different measures.
10. There will always be customers who are true, but there will always be those who want to get some benefit.

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