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ID number:824561
Published: 08.09.2008.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 11 units
References: Not used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
2.1  Social & Cultural & Demographic environment    6
2.2  Legal environment    8
2.3  Economic environment    9
2.4  Political environment    10
2.5  Technological environment    11
2.6  Competition    12
3.1  Target customer profile    13
3.2  Layers of the product concentrated on concrete details    13
3.3  Adaptation    14
3.4  The brand name    15
3.5  Affectation of potential sales from the country of origin Finland    16
3.6  The packaging of the product    16
3.7  Product development concerning this market    17
3.8  The diffusion of the product in the market    18
4.1  Stages in chair “Paradise Promotional Campaign Planning    20
4.1.1  Determine the target audience    20
4.1.2  Determine campaign objectives    20
4.1.3  Determine the budget    21
4.1.4  Determine media strategy    21
4.1.5  Determine the message    23
4.1.6  Determine campaign approach    23
4.1.7  Determine campaign effectiveness    24
4.2  Promotion Mix.    25
4.2.1  Advertising    25
4.2.2  Personal selling    25
4.2.3  Sales promotion    26
4.2.4  Publicity    26
4.2.5  A rough draft of a chair “Paradise” advertisement    27
PRICE    28
5.1  Factors influencing price strategy    28
5.1.1  Environmental factors    28
5.1.2  Market factors    29
5.1.3  Company internal factors    29
5.2  Pricing strategies    31
5.3  Price setting    31
5.4  Price issues    32
PLACE    33
6.1  Importance of internal distribution    33
6.2  Structure of international channel    34
  References    32


In today’s competitive business environment every company seeks ways to produce their products internationally. The objective of this report is to show how manufacturer can make managerial decisions for selling their product in foreign market through the marketing mix 4P’s: product, promotion, price and place. Moreover to recognize the environmental factors and understand their effect on the marketing decisions of a company who wants produce internationally. In this case manufacturing market is Finland and main foreign target market is Spain.


Nowadays furniture business is very competitive. There are many furniture companies through the all world, because furniture are one of the main products for people to satisfied their needs and wants. In addition for companies it is new question what to do with their products: sell in domestic market or go abroad? This report will show decision making process for selling garden furniture Paradise abroad in Spanish market.

Our product is garden furniture: a garden chair for people who have a reasonable level of income and who likes untraditional and simple style for furniture. Garden furniture Paradise is product from the company Ottotuote Oy in Valkeala, Finland. This furniture is suitable for different kind of interiors including conservatories, halls, balconies, offices, public areas and gardens. The brand name Paradise reinforces the image of the product used in a pleasant surrounding. The name can also be considered suitable for international markets. Paradise furniture is a designer product and during the years it has received a lot of attention in furniture exhibitions at home and abroad. According to export specialists the European markets also looked profitable.

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