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ID number:201785
Published: 29.01.2018.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: n/a
References: Not used

In conclusion the author sums up that averagely males receive 63% longer sentences than women and it is much more probable for women arrestees to avoid charges and convictions or incarceration decision. The data research cannot solve the causes of gender inequality, however they can be partially explained by some specific factors. Despite the fact that these factors apply to both genders, leniency toward women and brutality toward men still dominate. Prosecutors empowered by U.S. Sentencing Guidelines contribute to this problem. In his last remark the author concludes that even though the law formally does not take into consideration the above mentioned factors they are still unofficially (secretly) applied to women as a weaker group.
In my opinion, the problem which is highlighted by the author is very actual and maybe contradictory as well. On one hand, a man and a woman with no doubt should be equal under the law, on the other hand there is a natural tendency to treat women with more sympathy because they are more vulnerable, they are physically weaker, they give birth and raise children, etc. It was surprising for me to find out that prosecutors and judges informally consider family circumstances for females, but not for males and that having children by single men actually increases sentences, but for married men children make no difference.

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