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ID number:286418
Published: 16.01.2009.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 4 units
References: Not used
Time period viewed: 2000 - 2010 years
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
1.  The Problem Statement    4
1.1.  Background    4
1.2.  The Problem Statement    4
1.3.  Delimitations    4
1.4.  Methods    4
2.  History and Philosophy    5
  General information and history    5
  Philosophy    6
3.  Products, services and experiences    7
  Services    8
  Experiences    8
4.  Communication    9
5.  Culture: attitudes and behavior    10
  Figure 5.1 Schein model    10
6.  The Value Chain    13
7.  P.E.E.S.T. Analysis    14
  Political Factors    14
  Economical Factors    14
  Ecological Factors    14
  Social-Cultural Factors    15
  Technological Factors    15
8.  SWOT Analysis    16
  Strengths    16
  Weaknesses    16
  Opportunities    17
  Threats    18
9.  Financial Analysis    19
9.1.  Figure. Profitability    19
9.2.  Figure. Profitability Chart    20
9.3.  Figure. Financial risk    21
9.4.  Figure. Liquidity    22
10.  Conclusion    23
11.  Sources    24
12.  The process evaluation    25
12.1.  The working process    25
12.2.  Carrying through of the project    25
12.3.  Teamwork    25

1.1 Background
The Body Shop is an international company, and recently thanks to the merge with giant L’Oreal, now it is a well known worldwide company. Offering and an excellent service and adding to that a range of high performance products, makes out of Body Shop’s stores to come in front of other cosmetics and toiletries shops.
1.2 The Problem Statement
In the Company Analysis project we are going to investigate the Body Shop international chain, paying our attention to the Body Shop Group in general, and we will investigate one of the Body Shop outlets here in Aarhus by our own to help us get a broader view of the whole Body Shop International group.
We are interested in the evaluation of the company’s financial performance and its profitability. We will do a thoroughly analysis the culture of the company, both internal and external communication, and on the experience provided in the shop, in order to understand better how the company creates values to their customers. Another point we will touch in our analysis is about the marketing strategies The Body Shop applied in developing and improving their role on the cosmetics and toiletries market.
1.3 Delimitations
We are going to analyze the three year period of time (2004-2006). We will not make comparison between The Body Shop and its competitors and we will not analyze the separate regions where the shops are established. …

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