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  • Home Reading (6)

    Research Papers for university7  

    ... place. Mārketinga ētikas teorijas Šī nodaļa ... apspriež biznesa ētikas modeļus. Viens ... un derīgs ētikas kodekss neeksistē. ... izvairīšanās vai ētikas jautājumu atlikšanas. ...

  • Theological Analyse of Ecumenical Movement and Introducing of Situation in Latvia

    Research Papers for university15  

    Introduction Since is grounded Christian Church, we can speak about unity and problems with that between Christians. We can find disagreement already into apostles about a ...

  • Values and Ethics of the Business Life

    Research Papers for university3 Evaluated! 

    As Andrew Young, the American civil-rights leader, has observed “nothing is illegal if a hundred business men decide to do it.” This observation does not only hint on the great ...

  • Research Ethics

    Research Papers for university8  

    All professions are guided by a code of ethics that has evolved over the years to acommodate the chaging ethos, value, needs and expectations of those who hold a stake in the ...

  • Ethical And Professional Code Of Interpreters At The Court

    Research Papers for university6  

    In the theoretical lectures at Ventspils College Translation studies department students can obtain a lot of useful information that would-be translators and interpreters should ...

  • Business Ethics

    Presentations for university12  

    Business ethics is a specialized study of moral right and wrong. It concentrates on how moral standards apply particularly to business policies, institutions, and behaviour. A ...

  • Annotation

    Summaries, Notes for university5  

    Our selected theme is: the indices of competence and professionalism of the office work organization. So that we hawe been studying the organization of the office work, then it ...

  • Ethical Foundations in Public Relations

    Research Papers for university15  

    If there is one question that haunts the public relations industry it’s the question of ethics. In recent years there has been increasing alarm about “spin” particularly in the ...

  • Movie "The Devil Wears Prada" Review

    Essays for secondary school2  

    Significant characters (short description): 1. Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) - Miranda is a merciless, sophisticated and cruel woman, making the experience of being her ...

  • Glossary

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school22  

    Adverb A type of word that usually occurs as an adjunct to a VP or to a sentence. It most typically expresses such notions as time, place, manner, instrument, or circumstance. ...

  • International Council of Museums

    Research Papers for secondary school5  

    The International Council of Museums (ICOM) is an organisation created in 1946 by and for museum professionals and who works for society and its development . It is a public ...

  • Communication Partners Versatility Cultural Communication

    Summaries, Notes for university6  

    Hofstede identified five dimensions and rated 53 countries on indices for each dimension, normalized to values (usually) of 0 to 100. His five dimensions of culture are the ...

  • Child Development and Pedagogical Issues

    Research Papers for university7  

    Motivation and Concentration Today many children, youth, and adults suffer from nervousness, hyperactivity, and a lack of concentration. The Waldorf teachers’ tasks are to ...

  • Vegetarianism

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school1  

    FOR Health. It’s not always necessary to prove that vegetarianism or veganism are healthier, but that they are at least as healthy. There are many studies about this- most big ...


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