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  • English Speaking Countries

    Research Papers for secondary school14  

    Introduction I chose this project because it is interesting to know some things about English speaking countries. With this project I want to present the all-important things ...

  • Finnish Ancient Gods

    Presentations for university13 Evaluated! 

    ... provides in abundance Vainamoinen (Also known as ...

  • Glossary of Legal Terms

    Summaries, Notes for university8  

    Verbs and verb phrases to abolish – atcelt to accuse of – apsūdzēt to acquit - attaisnot to admit – atzīties to alienate - atsavināt to appropriate property – piesavināties ...

  • Jānis Jaunsudrabiņš

    Research Papers for secondary school2  

    Jānis Jaunsudrabiņš, the author of narrative “Ūdeņi” (“The Waters”), is a very famous Latvian author. He was born on August 25, 1877 in farm Krodziņi of Nereta’s parish and died in ...

  • Summary

    Research Papers for university5  

    In conclusion the author sums up that averagely males receive 63% longer sentences than women and it is much more probable for women arrestees to avoid charges and convictions or ...

  • A Balanced Economic State

    Essays for secondary school4  

    Two main economic systems have been developed since the Industrial Revolution, these are Capitalism and Socialism. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages, this essay will ...

  • Sale/and-lease Back Contract

    Samples for university9  

    Present contract is concluded on ___ _________ 200__ at Riga between _________________________________, which is located at the address: ___________________, and is registered by ...

  • Riga 800

    Research Papers for university16  

    Introductions The project “Riga 800” was written to introduce United State students with small city called Riga the capital of Latvia. Since 1st May 2004 Latvia has joined the ...

  • Law Worldwide

    Summaries, Notes for university13  

    Brainstorm Rules-noteikumi laws-likumi regulations-priekšraksti law codes-likuma kodeksi Lawgivers-likumam padotie legislators-likumdevējs Civil law- ...

  • Theme of Love and Marriage in English, Russian and Latvian Proverbs

    Term Papers for university70 Evaluated! 

    Olga Petkeviča „Theme of Love and Marriage in English, Russian and Latvian Proverbs”. Bachelor paper. Scientific Adviser: Marina Maslova, Maģ. filol. lekt. The paper ...

  • Translation Analysis of Anna Sakse’s Fairytale "Waterlily"

    Research Papers for university5 Evaluated! 

    “Topavasar viss pagasts posās kāzām. Un kā nu ne – staltākais un jautrākais puisis Jukums bija mainījis gredzenus ar skaistāko un krietnāko meitu Rozi.” “It was spring, and the ...

  • Translation Analysis of Anna Sakse’s Fairytale "Waterlily"

    Presentations for university26  

    Anna Sakse (1905 – 1981) Anna Sakse was born in a poor peasant family in 1905. In 1925 Anna started her pedagogy and philology studies at the University of Latvia, though she ...

  • Why the Film "Theatre" Could be a Cult Movie

    Essays for secondary school2  

    When I hear the word cult, first of all, I associate it with religion. The literal and traditional meaning of the word cult is derived from the Latin cultus, meaning "care" or " ...

  • Peculiarities of Translating Expressive Texts

    Research Papers for university20  

    Conclusion I think that my study paper “Peculiarities of translating expressive texts” was very useful for me. I learned new theory and refreshed my mind with already known ...

  • The Future of Journalism (Case Study of U.S. and Latvia)

    Research Papers for university8  

    Conclusions and Recommendations What conclusions can we draw from analysis of the future of journalism? Will we use citizen media more? Or civic media will be more popular? Will ...

  • Čigānu tauta kā minoritāte

    Essays for university3  

    Kā piemēru varu minēt savu pieredzi ar šo minoritāti, esmu redzējis, kā viņi pārdod narkotikas, kā apkrāpj, apzog cilvēkus uz ielas, kā uzmācās, lai iedod naudu un, protams, kā ...

  • Terminology in Hunting

    Research Papers for university37 Evaluated! 

    In this paper first of all I am planning to look upon hunting terminology from the point of view of Language for Special Purposes, as hunting terms represent a kind of professional ...

  • Homeless People

    Samples for secondary school1  

    Each of us came into contact with the homeless person- they are people without definite or fixed life and who are bumming around. We can meet them everywhere – in Riga’s ...

  • Glossary of Legal Terms

    Summaries, Notes for university22  

    taisnīgums justice “(1) Title of certain judicial officers; (2) constant and perpetual disposition to render every man his due; (3) impartial adjustment of conflicting claims; ...

  • Issues at Workpalace. Motivation

    Presentations for university20  

    Proving Others Wrong (pierādīt citu kļūdas) As a leader, encourage your employees to exceed expectations by taking responsible risks.  Embrace diverse thinking and measure one’s ...

  • The Novel "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school1  

    All in all I would definitely recommend this book because of joyful and also harsh storyline.I would recommend to read this novel especially to those who have a huge ammount of ...

  • "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown

    Essays for secondary school6  

    ... . Tumsā zvanīja tālrunis svešāda, metāliska tirkšķēšana. Uz ...


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