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ID number:598247
Published: 03.02.2009.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 9 units
References: Used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
  Introduction    6
The Notion of Morphology    8
The Notion of Term ‘Word’    11
Major Word Constructing Concepts Used in Morphology    14
3.1.  The Notion of Morpheme    14
3.1.2.  Free and Bound Morphemes    15
3.2.  The Notion of Lexeme    17
Affixation as a Derivational Process    18
Inflectional Processes in Word Formation    20
  Conclusion    22
  Theses    23
  Bibliography    24

Language is a phenomenon so diverse and versatile that its investigation can almost never be exhausted. Language is not only the leading type of communication but it also is a complex and multi-angular system of rules, borders and definitions.

The idea of the term paper “The Major Word Constructing Concepts Used in Morphology” appealed to me as now already for some time I have been thinking about the way how we react towards well-known language and each word of it in particular. We do not look at familiar word through the prism of its building construction; we do not even read it letter by letter. And it is absolutely normally because by being active users of a language we grasp it intuitively, automatically. When we see a word, at the same instant we hear its pronunciation in our mind and know its meaning without an actual reading of it. Compare, for example, two words of the same meaning just in different languages- your native and take some completely unfamiliar one - and you will understand my point at once. You will just take a glance to the word that is from your native language, while the one from the unknown language you will actually read step by step, chaining the combination of letters and thinking of possible pronunciation. Therefore I felt inspired and motivated to investigate this subject- building of word’s structure hence looking at a familiar language from unfamiliar users touch.…

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